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Pl wk 19 still not quite ready. I'm finding it really difficult keeping on top/catching up and I'm a bit worried that when I go back to work it will be worse! T is not napping well at present, he'll only nap on me or in the car. This week he has also started this during the night which is a bit of a challenge. I've signed up for Ali Edwards's 31 things class, I'm pretty sure that I won't be making a complete album for it but I do need help with my journalling and I'm hoping this will keep me focused. When I return to work it going to be even more important for me to document our lives as our family time will be so much more precious. I'm about 1/4 of the way through my week in the life pages I intend to complete them by the weekend but round here anything can happen. I had hoped to pick up the chickens today but I'm still waiting for the new pond pump to be delivered so haven't been able to go out! My main focus at the moment is to find some good energy boosting recipes, if T and I are going to be up all night I need to make sure my body can deal with it when I'm back at work. I have made the decision to finish my December daily/Journal your Christmas album at 31 dec, I've got stories/photos up to then, they are ready for printing so I hope to finish that before 1 June I'm trying to work on specific projects a little at a time in order to complete them. I've also got 4 cards to make for June.

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