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Schleich dinosaur figure review

If you enjoyed our measuring post at the beginning of the month, you are sure to like this one too. These schleich dinosaurs would be fantastic to use in that activity! 

Next to the dragons the dinosaur range probably are T’s favourite figures, this new range from schleich are in new poses and new designs. For instance the Velociraptor has moveable arms and looks pretty terrifying, the detail as with all schleich figures is fabulous, the teeth and scales on the Velociraptor are really detailed. 

T enjoys playing with the figures and looking up all the information about them in his dinosaur books, thanks to Jurassic Park, his favourite is, of course, the Velociraptor. 

Although we were introduced to the Oviraptor and the Tawa when we were sent these to review. Again the detail on the oviraptor is amazing you can see every single feather and it’s wing flap! 

I offered to make a small world for T’s dinosaurs but he was quite happy just ‘battling’ with that em, and had great delight in finding that the Velociraptor could ‘eat’ the other two because of the moveable jaws!

I don’t think that T will ever tire of his schleich figures, we use them for small worlds, for STEM activities like our measuring activity, with other toys like playmobil or in the garden and in the bath. They are just so versatile! 

We’ve also noticed that the paintwork doesn’t come off in the bath or when they are washed after being covered in dirt like some other brands we have. 

These figures are aimed at 5+ years and can be purchased at all leading toy shops. 

The retail prices are:
Oviraptor £7.99
Tawa £7.99
Velociraptor £9.99

Disclaimer: we were sent these toys in return for our honest review, all words are our own. 

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