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Estimation and measuring activity with schleich animal figures

We rarely have any time for after school activities these days due to all of T’s after school sports clubs, on Monday’s though, he has no clubs so we have 3 hours to ourselves before Daddy gets home, I try to have a few things up my sleeve for him if he can’t think of what he’s like to do as this time is screen free. 

This is a little maths activity I set up to make the most of his enthusiasm for his favourite subject, whilst practising handwriting and getting his numbers round the right way (leftie trait!) 

I used these fab schleich animals and set up a quick chart on the clipboard (another of T’s favourite things!)  I created a colum to list the animals and then additional columns to guess and record the height in cm and height in our wooden blocks.

Although you don’t need schleich animals for this activity, I just wanted to point out how great they are, the detail on them is really good, I actually took this photo to demonstrate the attention to detail on the horseshoes but if you look a little lower you can see even more detail! Nothing is missed!

T likes to display some of his schleich animal figures on his windowsill and they really are display quality. They are hard wearing, incredibly realistic and have a nice weight to them which means they stand up perfectly balanced which is great for a bit of small world play.

T’s favourite was the lion, which, as you can see is very realistic and has amazing detail, his eyes are just so lifelike, the paintwork is amazing. 

Although schleich animals are aimed at pre-schoolers T is 6 and I can’t see him stopping playing with them any time soon! 

T started off by placing 4 of his schleich animals into height order and then wrote the name of the animal down in the chart, he spelt it out to me first and when he got it right he wrote it down. He then had to guess how many cm high the animal was and how many blocks high he thought it would be. He entered these figures onto the chart too.

We worked our way through the animals using the results from the previous measurements to aide the next guess. 

T seemed to really enjoy this logical thinking and being able to use previous results to help with more accurate guesses. 

After we had our results T had to colour the guesses according to whether they were more, less or exactly the same. He really enjoyed this part. 

This was a very simple to set up activity and a great use for some of our schleich animals, T has also decided that he’s going to make a safari small world on the tuff spot for his animals and can’t wait for some nicer weather to get the sand out, outside!  The great thing about these figures is that they can be collected one-by-one until an entire small world is created. 

Schleich animals are available from all good toy stores and are priced at:
Horse £7.99
Black bull £7.99
Lion £5.99
Indian rhino £7.99
Disclaimer: we were gifted these figures in return for our honest review. 

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