Football number bonds worksheet free download

When I asked T what sort of activities he'd like to do afterschool, he asked for number bonds!  He loves maths and if number bonds are what my little man wanted, then that's what I decided to make!

T loves the No problem maths method from Singapore Maths and this method really does seem to work for him.  See here for more information on number bonds.

Because the world cup is coming up and because we are doing lots of football related activities and games at the moment I decided to make this number bond worksheet football themed.

I have left the numbers blank on this worksheet so that it can be customised specifically for the level of your child.  The first one I did for T was for 20 but of course he told me it was too easy and it needed to be a higher number!  He is so funny! 

To aide this activity you could use a number line or small parts, number blocks or lego.

You can download the worksheet here.

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Geomag review and giveaway!

With T loving all things STEM and having a fascination with magnets, I thought Geomag kits would be perfect for our home learning and play.

The reality though was a little different! 

We were sent 2 kits to review, the Geomag panels and Geomag mechanics. T was keen to make a start straight away and actually did really well building his own structures however, despite the kits being for ages 5+ he really struggled to follow the complicated instructions.

At first this didn’t phase him at all, he just got on with making his own inventions but he soon become a bit bored and wanted to be able to make something from the book.  We switched from the panels kit to the mechanics kit and he managed to follow the instructions.

Between us we managed to complete the kit and T was pretty chuffed.  I on the other hand, was glad to see the end of it, this toy really did test my patience!

Despite the difficulties we had I do think Geomags are a great toy, I just don’t think that they are for us really at the moment, we’re both really clumsy and kept knocking them down and the instructions are far too complicated for a 5 year old in my opinion. 

We’ll certainly be giving these kits another try but will probably wait a couple of years!

Geomag are sold in The Entertainer and Smyths. 

Having said this, we are giving away a Geomag panels kit worth £90!

Follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below, giveaway ends 2359 on 10 April 2018. 

Disclaimer: we were sent these kits for our honest review. All opinions and words are our own. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Funny bunny board game review

Oh this game is so much fun and so perfect for easter! Funny bunny is also such a fantastic game for all the family.

It’s a little like frustration, with the intention to get your 4 little rabbits to the top of the carrot, but wait, there’s a twist, each player takes a card and twists the carrot at the top according to the card instructions which means that the whole game could change, rabbit holes can change places and your rabbit can fall down into the burrow, the gate can block the way or your rabbit could get knocked off by a tree stump!

Gazillion bubble pong game review

I do love an outdoor game, you can picture the scene, dad cooking up the BBQ, mum with a nice glass of wine sitting in the sun and the kids giggling and squealing playing a game! Some of my favourite times have been exactly this scene when K and H were smaller. 

Schleich dinosaur figure review

If you enjoyed our measuring post at the beginning of the month, you are sure to like this one too. These schleich dinosaurs would be fantastic to use in that activity! 

Paddington puzzle from Ravensburger

Have you seen the Paddington 2 movie yet? It’s absolutely fantastic, we all loved it, I think I probably liked it just as much as T did!

We were sent this fab Ravensburger Paddington 60 piece puzzle to review so after watching the film and eating marmalade sandwiches T and The Hubs decided to doo the puzzle. 

If you do one thing this Mother’s Day...

Happy Mother’s Day!

And if you’re reading this and your not a mother or female. Happy 11th March, this post still applies to you! 💜

One thing I’ve realised over the past 6 months is just how important it is to take 30 minutes EACH DAY to yourself, this might be as simple as going to bed early to watch Netflix or listen to your favourite music with a glass of wine, curl up with a cup of tea and a book or do a yoga class, meditate or simply sit in the dark relaxing! Whatever it is that helps with your wellbeing do it and make sure you do something every day! 

Estimation and measuring activity with schleich animal figures

We rarely have any time for after school activities these days due to all of T’s after school sports clubs, on Monday’s though, he has no clubs so we have 3 hours to ourselves before Daddy gets home, I try to have a few things up my sleeve for him if he can’t think of what he’s like to do as this time is screen free. 

GIVEAWAY | Rubik’s 2 x 2 cube

As you know from our Rubik’s junior post and giveaway, we are very fond of Rubik’s cubes. 

Although T loves his 4 x 4 he gets so frustrated with not being able to do a side let alone the whole cube and I’m still working on completing the last stage of the 4 x 4, it’s only taken me about 33 years so I completely know how he feels!! 

When we were sent the 2 x 2 cube  I knew that T would be thrilled, he longs to complete one and I knew that this would be far better for him. 

January bargains with B & M Stores

We’ve been working with B & M Stores to get ahead for a Christmas 2018 and bag ourselves a bargain in the January Sales. With a £20 budget I visited B & M with a view to buy some gifts and stocking fillers for next Christmas. Although there wasn’t much left in either of our stores, I did manage to pick up some really good bargains both in the sale and full price. 

We managed to pick up some lovely items for neighbour gifts, the super cute wine bottle hugger was £1.49 reduced from £1.99 so we’ll put that round a bottle of wine for a perfect gift for one of our neighbours.  We also picked up this lovely wicker candle holder which was full price but still an absolute bargain at £2.99 we’ll add a small poinsettia instead of a candle and that will make another lovely gift for a neighbour. 

Each year we put together small hampers for friends and family so we’re always on the look out for nice items to include, these jar candles were just £1 each full price and have lovely Christmassy scents so will be a perfect addition to our hampers. 

The heart again was full price but a fantastic price of £1.49!!!!  This will also go in one of our hampers. 

We managed to get T a few gifts for his Christmas Eve box and stocking, I know he’ll fall in love with the pug stress ball which was reduced from £2.49 to £1.49 a perfect stocking filler!   Each year we buy a snow globe to add to T’s collection so this one will go in T’s Christmas Eve box to be added to his collection, with a full price of £2.99 it really was a bargain. The boxer shorts were £4.99 for 3 pairs so I think the Elf on the Shelf might bring these for T one day so he gets to wear them throughout December! 

Finally we managed to pick up a couple of novelty items which we can either use for secret Santa gifts or we’ll use the face straws for New Years Eve fun and the table tennis set as a prize for a New Year’s Party game! The straws were reduced from £2.99 to £1.49 and the table tennis set was reduced from £2.99 to £1 real bargains!

In total we spent £19.93 and I think we managed to pick up some good, quality gifts for that budget, I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for more bargains through the year!

If you want to get ahead on your Christmas shopping for 2018, I’d highly recommend heading to B & M Stores and pick up a few bargains for yourself while they still have their Christmas range. However, remember to keep looking all year round as some items can be picked up throughout the year and made more Christmassy at the time, like our wicker poinsettia plant pot!

Have you bagged any bargains in B & M Stores? If you have let me know in comments.