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|CREATE|easy felt snowman Christmas decoration

I always like to help T make a Christmas decoration for his Grandparents and Auntie, I know my mum and my sister love having one each year to add to their tree. We usually use them as gift tags on their gifts from him.

This year we are joining in with The Mad House’s Kid Made Christmas decorations daily blog hop along with lots of other great bloggers, pop over and see the amazing crafts that have been made.  Yesterday the fab Le Coin de Mel showed us how to make a gorgeous reindeer advent calendar, which is definitely worth looking at. 

Ours is a simple craft which can easily be adapted for younger children or children who don’t like sewing. 

What I love about it is that you’re also teaching a valuable life skill in terms of sewing on a button! 

Supplies needed:
White felt
Scrap of orange felt
Cotton wool or stuffing
2 black buttons
Black embroidery thread
Orange embroidery thread
White embroidery thread

1. Use a glass to cut out 2 circles from the white felt and cut out a carrot shape, I first cut a triangle then rounded the corners. 

2. Using the black thread, sew the 2 buttons on as eyes. 

3. Using the orange thread, sew the ‘carrot’ on, using a cross.

4. Once your ‘face’ is all done, it’s time to sew the sides together. Because T is still quite young, we used a simple whip stitch which he’s pretty much got the hang of now. We don’t worry too much about all the stitches being the same size etc as for me that’s part of the charm of him making it. Here is a fab whip stitch tutorial if you need one.   If your child is more confident with a needle or much older, you could do blanker stitch which would give a more finished look. Start at the side as you will need to add your stuffing and ribbon to the top. 

5. When you near the top, stop and stuff your snowman face with a little stuffing, don’t add too much. 

6. Then cut a piece of ribbon and fold, continue stitching, making sure you stitch through the ribbon as well. I actually did this bit for T as he found it hard to get through the 4 layers!   Continue to where you started and finish off.

This craft can easily be adapted for smaller children either by punching holes using a small  punch or by glueing the pieces together like we did for our robin decoration

I hope you’ve liked this craft. We’d love to be tagged if you make it yourself! 

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Have a wonderful day, LšŸŽ„

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