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|REVIEW|monster island dvd - out now!!!

With Halloween coming up there’s no better time to share a spooky family film and Monster Island fits the bill perfectly! 

Just the right balance of spookiness and a great storyline, it’s definitely a film we’ll watch time and time again. 

The film follows the story of Lucas who starts off not knowing he is actually a monster! 

After an embarrassing experience at a party where his first transformation happens, Lucas argues with his Dad and runs off to his birth place Monster Island where he meets lots of other monsters. 

Lucas soon finds out that he fits in well amongst family and friends on Monster Island.

With a lovely relatable storyline, fantastic characters and beautiful bright imagery Monster Island is a wonderful family film.

Monster Island is rated PG and available to buy on download or DVD snow!   Order your copy now in time for Halloween! 

I hope you enjoy this film as much as we did. L💕

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