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|LETS LEARN|halloween worksheet download

Do you need 5 minutes to yourself this half term?  Drink a hot coffee or even just unload the dishwasher in peace with the aide of our free Halloween worksheet 😉

Half time is great when you get to spend it with your kids (sadly I’m not this one 😢) but we all need 5 minutes to ourselves to catch a breath, don’t we?

I created this simple little worksheet to give to T to complete. 

The worksheet contains counting, drawing and a little problem solving, it’s perfect for ages 4 & 5 with little or no assistance or 3 with minimal help, just explain what they need to do and leave them to it!

You can download this worksheet can here

Looking for more activities to keep the kids busy? You can see all of our Halloween kids activities here. 

What would you do with your 5 minutes? L💕

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