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Spark is a thrilling film about an intergalactic teenage monkey and his band of side-kicks. Spark is an orphan after he lost his parents as a child to evil villain called Zhong who destroyed his planet. 

Zhong now plans to destroy the universe and Spark and his friends need to step up to stop him. 

From the makers of the Nut Job and Coraline it's an action packed tale of friendship and camaraderie. 

'SPARK also features a magnificent line-up of voice talent, including Hollywood superstars Patrick Stewart (outstanding as the cranky Scottish Captain), Jessica Biel, and Oscar winners Hilary Swank and Susan Sarandon; with Rob deLeeuw (Turbo Kid) stealing the show as Chunk, and Alan C Peterson being wonderfully diabolical as Zhong. Jace Norman, who plays the lead in the TV show Henry Danger, voices the mischievous monkey Spark.'

Spark is beautifully animated, with a fast pace and interesting plot line. It has all the qualities to captivate parents and children alike. 

T really enjoyed this film, there were parts he found sad, and found it slightly worrying at times, but that hasn't stopped him asking to watch it again. 
Spark is an all round family film perfect for a movie night. 
Out on Blu Ray and DVD now get your copy at all major retailers. 

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  1. A very nice review on Spark. Your reviews always help me to decide which movie should be opted for the coming weekend and which should not.


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