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|LET'S LEARN|What we learned this week - week 6

Week 6???? I know it's week 6 and this is only my first actual update, if you were waiting for this after I promised I'd be writing up how we get on, sorry, life just got in the way.

If you've no idea what I'm talking about, let me briefly explain. During the school holidays, T asked me to start doing 'activities' with him again it's something that we used to do a lot when we had Fridays together. Now we have time each day together I decided to dedicate time each day for some one to one time. Just he and I during the week, and with Daddy at the weekends. 

I started off thinking this would just be 20 minutes an afternoon after school but it's actually turning into more like an hour, which is even better as it keeps him busy and away from the lure of  the screen!!

So what have we been doing this week?  We didn't completely stuck to plan this week, sunny days at the park with the after school group meant that our activity time was either later or non-existent. I'm perfectly happy with this though, as soon the evenings will draw in and the sun hazed couple of hours at the park after school chatting to mum's watching the kids play football, guns, on the apparatus and running around will probably be no more. So for now I'm happy to occasionally sacrifice plans for 2 hours of socialising and T filling his lungs with the lovely autumn air! 

So, here's what we did šŸ˜Š

We started the week with no plans for Monday, it was what T likes to call a 'free play' session. After a short time at the park, he didn't hesitate in telling me that he wanted to make an angry bird out of play dough, so that's what we did! We did use a screen for this and find a picture on google and T copied it and made his own angry bird. He reminded me that he really likes making things from playdough and asked if I could get him some modelling clay which would dry, so I was pretty chuffed that this free play session had lead to future activity ideas. 

Ok so some of you may not call brainstorming a lifeskill, but it's something I have to do with groups of people all the time in my job, so I obviously, think it's a really useful tool to have and understand and one that could stay with him into his studies and beyond. 

As soon as T came home and saw the whiteboard sheet, pens and sticky notes, he couldn't wait to get his hands on them!  I did have an objective to this little session though!  I wanted to find out how much T knew about Autumn. He spelt out the word autumn and keenly asked if he could write 'idea chart' on the whiteboard. I loved this because it meant that already he was thinking outside of the box and happy to add to the activity himself, instead of following my lead to the tee (no pun intended!)

After a while he did get bored of writing on the post it's and asked me to write down his ideas, which I did. I found out lots about what he knows about Autumn which has given me some great inspiration to do more sessions like this with him. 

Wednesday (NONE)
We didn't do any activities, opting to play at the park for a long time and come home to read.

Thursday (CREATIVE & STE(A)M)
My favourite day! We made a super cool, bat which we got moving about using  hex bug.  It took longer than an hour obviously because of the paint drying time, but this didn't stop T. The full tutorial will be on the blog soon. An absolutely lovely craft for Halloween! 

Friday (PLAY)
We had a toy review we needed to do today before Taekwondo so as it was raining we headed straight home after school and opened his 'Little green men' we played the game for a while and T pretended he was John Cena with the dog tags! 

Saturday (OUTDOORS)
We visited Stowe Gardens for a few hours, only a few hours wasn't nearly long enough. We loved it, so many folly's to visit, nature to spot and adventuring to do, we'll certainly be visiting again! 

I printed off an autumn scavenger hunt, which T enjoyed doing, he found everything except blackberries (it was too late) and a sycamore 'helicopter' (it was too early). 

He rolled down the hill, his favourite pastime at the moment, filled his pockets with conkers and ran around like a loon. 

We were fortunate enough to be sent a copy of the 'Big Life Journal' which helps children to develop a GROWTH MINDSET attitude. T suffers from anxiety and worry, I'm really hoping that this will empower him to have more confidence in some things he's unsure about and understand that it's ok to get things wrong sometimes, as long as you learn from them. The book really is fantastic you can see the activities we had to do today here.  A full review is coming soon. 

I'm so loving spending this one to one time with T each day, I think it's doing us both good to have each other to focus on and not be distracted by the phone, household chores or the TV. He seems to be relishing it and the first thing he asks when he comes out of school is what we have planned. 

Follow our insta stories everyday to get a gimpse 'behind the scenes' of these activities and follow our fun by searching #lbukletslearn. You can follow us on Instagram here. šŸ˜Š

If you wanted to use our planner, here are the links!
PDF version
Editable Excel version

This is what we have planned for next week unless things change šŸ˜‰

What have you been up to this week? LšŸ’•


  1. Love this idea - and I love the 'free play' my lot have free play after breakfast and whilst I'm getting a shower and tidying the brekkie things away. I then use that as inspiration for our activities

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