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|GIVEAWAY!| xtava curling wand RRP £45.99

So, as busy working mum's know it's ruddy hard getting ready in the mornings without having to wash, dry and style your hair each morning too, like we all did with our free time in the good old child {stress} free days. It's not so bad with long hair - hello messy bun!  But if you've shorter hair let's face it, you've had it. 

The days of me washing my hair every morning before work have long gone, to be honest, sometimes I don't even have time to think about spraying in some dry shampoo šŸ˜‚. We're all expected to look as though we've at least tried to make an effort for work though don't we? 

I've always wanted a curling wand for cute little beach waves but wasn't sure if it would just end up sitting on that shelf in the top of my wardrobe with the other hair  and beauty gadgets I've bought in the past {you know the shelf, don't you??}

So, I was pretty chuffed when I was asked if I'd like to review the xtava curling wand, would I?  SIGN... ME...UP!!!

Just look at that packaging, isn't it a joy? Yes I've kept the box, even though I've not put the wand away since I got it a few weeks ago. 

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. THIS WAND IS A LIFE CHANGER!  I'm really not exaggerating this has changed my life! Instead of my hair wash lasting 2 days I can now get 4 days out of it with this tool. 

I've been using the larger of the wands with no grip on it and found it really easy to do after watching a few YouTube videos. 

The wand comes in a sturdy black box which is great for storing.  There's also a travel pouch which I found super useful when I recently went away. 

The retail price on this is £45.99 but Amazon are currently selling for £21.99, an absolute bargain if you ask me.  But... you don't necessarily have to buy it, as I have one to giveaway!  Enter this great giveaway using gleam at the end of this post.

Excuse my middle age Mama face but as you can see my unwashed for 3 days hair actually looks ok with waves from this wand. {if it looks crap please don't tell me, I'm under the illusion that it looks ok and hope to continue šŸ˜‚}.

A little hint for you, that glove?  It's there for a reason, use it, 140oC is blinking hot, and I was left with tiny burn marks because I was an idiot and didn't think I needed the glove! 

Want to enter the giveaway?  Here it is, ends 9 October.  If you have any tips for avoiding washing your hair, leave me a comment, good luck LšŸ’•

Win the xtava Satin Wave 5 in 1 Curling Wand #8


  1. Fabulous blog and giveaway,I love the fact you can get different styles using the different size barrels,I'd be thrilled to win and experimenting in new styles. Thanks for the chance,please count me in?

  2. Wow if I don't win would look at buying one as love the beach look and hard with short hair


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