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|FAMILY|keeping kids occupied on road trips

How do you survive road trips with small children?  Finding things to keep T occupied during a long journey is high up there on my list of priorities when planning a road trip.  I'm working with www.kwik-fit.com on this post to provide some top tips to keep your small ones happy during travel time, making for a smoother and safer journey.
On our recent trip to Clacton, my kid's travel arsenal included, snacks, new films from Sky Store on the iPad and lots of activity books and things to do.

Here's how I put my kit together.  The first thing I do is hit the pound shops, I always look for at least one of each;
  • Sticker book
  • colouring and/or activity book
  • crayons (I never let T have felt tips in the car!)
  • a new book
  • a small magnetic drawing board (perfect for noughts and crosses)
  • a small toy is also usually appreciated, like a little lego blind bag
I put everything into an A4 zipped pouch so it can all be kept together in the car. 

I also make sure that I purchase a couple of Sky Store, 'Buy & Keep' DVD's and download them to the iPad ready for the journey.

I also asked a number of blogger friends for their suggestions and they have not disappointed!  

Debbie from My Boys Club said tablets, games, and snacks make our car journeys go very smoothly. Oh and cool tunes too. They also like having a map as well so they can see where they are going. Doesn't stop them saying 'Are we there yet' though 

Steph from Expert Home Tips makes an eye spy in a bottle! Fill up an empty soda bottle with lots of mini bits, such a paper clips, lego figurines, dice etc then top with rice. Fun for hours, and they look pretty too!  We love these too - here's our i-spy bottle post!

Stephen from Daddy Stinks has a brilliant awareness idea - We always played Yellow car as kids and now I can see a yellow car from 700 miles away. It got me thinking and now me and the children play Motorbike. Same rules as yellow car however its when you see motorbikes.  I am hoping it will make the kids aware of them when they are older and driving for themselves 

Laura from The Mamma Fairy has recommended downloadable Netflix and snacks, works for us every time 

Victoria from Lylia Rose suggested to take iPads, toys, snacks, drinks and some of their music - at the moment it's the Trolls soundtrack! 

Sarah from Boo, Roo and Tigger too plays a fab game of Yellow car no returns...  we love this too although we play for Yellow Mini's only.

Pete from Household Money Saving said that, they get to choose a DVD each. We also download a couple of games onto their tablets. When they get fed up with that, we play a game where we have to spot a foreign number plate and guess where it comes from. Although that got a little boring when we went to Belgium... 

Richard from 2 Bottles of Milk suggests, we have two young boys and on long road trips we use an iPad that has Disneylife and Netflix on it and download their favourite stuff. My wife also packs plenty of snacks and drinks to keep them busy as well. 
Lianne from Ankle Biters Adventures told us, the magnadoodle boards they have hours of fun drawing things they can see on the journey or what we ask them to draw - they can just rub it out and start again - no messy pens or felts 

Suzanne from Meandering Wild has a post with fabulous ideas for road trip survival with boys and recommends, food rations to last time between stops, iPad with everything downloaded and an activity planned for the end that is tailored to the kids as a big treat 

Helen from Talking Mums said, we've been trying leap pad Ultimate and that's keeps mine entertained whilst travelling. Snacks, fruit pouches work well. Recently we had 'up town funk' on repeat and they loved it...we didn't! Haha! 

How do you keep your kids occupied on road trips?  L💕

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.


  1. We use the ispy books so they have things to look for whilst they're in the car - worked a treat when we went to Cardiff x


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