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|OUT AND ABOUT|paradise wildlife park

With a large and varied selection of animals, indoor and outdoor play areas, a woodland area, a large paddling pool, crazy golf and platformed high rise viewing platforms. You can see why Paradise Wildlife Park is striving to become one of Britain's top animal attractions.

If you like your big cats (as we do!) Paradise Wildlife Park really is for you, their amazing 'big cat territory' includes, a white lion, white tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, tigers, snow leopards and ocelots.

WARNING! This post is very photo heavy, there's a shorter in a nutshell type synopsis at the bottom of the post, if you would prefer that!

With viewing platforms built all around the park, you get to view the animals much better than if you are on the ground.  Although you can get up very close on the ground! 

T really enjoyed seeing his favourite big cat, the cheetah running around its enclosure and marvelled at feeding us with us him cheetah facts 😂

The Hubs loved watching his favourite, the white lion laying lazily next to the fence.  You can see how close you can get in this photo, and we have a great view from above! 

This beautiful jaguar was my favourite, I think the first jaguar I've seen and he was a beauty. There's also a female with a baby which is super cute, but we didn't manage to get a great shot of her on the day.

The tigers were gorgeous and happy to roll around and play right next to the fence so everyone could get a good look at them.

Paradise wildlife park doesn't just have big cats, there are all sorts of animals including camels, snakes including the biggest anaconda I've ever seen in my life! Wolves, reindeer, tapir, monkeys well, over 400 actually! 

As well as outdoor exhibits, there are quite a number of indoor ones including Angkor reptile temple which T really loved.

The peguins have a lovely enclosure with a viewing platform over the top to get a great view. They didn't do much swimming the day we went but you really could get great all round access, which I imagine is invaluable during busy times.

The wallaby enclosure is amazing, you can walk in and about with the wallaby's which is a lovely experience. They are still quite shy and keep their distance, but it's lovely being able to get so close.

At one time The Broxbourne Zoo (as Paradise Wildlife Park was formerly known) was named Britains worst zoo. How different things are now, with conservation and animal welfare right up there as high priorities of the park, the park now works hard to 'become the most successful and best wildlife park for education, conservation and preservation of wildlife in Britain'.

You can read more about the amazing conservation work here.

As most places have these days there are the entertaining meerkats, such funny little characters.

We were lucky enough to be able to make the bird display where 4 types of birds were flying, we saw macaws, a great grey owl (wow! What a beauty!) a cara cara and a harris hawk.

There's a great selection of other birds too, and they vary the talks and animals who fly.   We really enjoyed the bird talk, the keeper was incredibly knowledgeable and very interesting. She was also really happy to spend time talking to T afterwards when he had a question to ask!

Not only does the park have lots of amazing animals, it has numerous other attractions too, including inflatables, crazy golf and play areas including special needs equipment.

We had lunch at the park, which we found to be very reasonable and tasted good. Prices in general for refreshments were very good value.

1. The park is very wheelchair and pushchair friendly, I don't think I saw anywhere that wasn't accessible. 

2. There's plenty to do both on nice days and wet days. 

3. The Paradise wildlife park is not just animals, there's literally loads to do as well as the animals, the perfect place for a full day out. 

4. There's ample parking. 

5. You can get cheaper tickets by booking online and also using groupon offers. 

6. There are numerous displays and talks going on throughout the day, we only managed to catch one but that was down to us not checking what they were beforehand. 

7. The park is easy to get to from the M1. 

8. The viewing platforms make it easy to see all year round, especially when it's busy. 

9. There are 400 animals, what more can I say?? 

Prices (standard - look online for offers)
Child: £16.50
Adult: £19.80
Senior: £16.50
Disabled & 1 carer: £16.50

Disclaimer: we were kindly given free access to the park in return for our honest review. All opinions and words are our own. 

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