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|REVIEW|the diamonds, the dagger and the classy dame Murder Mystery dinner party game

So, has anyone ever arranged a murder mystery night before?  It's something we've been wanting to do for ages but it's just never happened.

We're currently trying to organise one with our friends and we've been sent the Inspector McClue Murder mystery dinner party game 'The Diamonds, The Dagger and One Classy Dame' to review. 

This kit literally has everything you need to host the party, from invites through to character booklets.  This particular game is for 10-12 guests (more can play as 'extra guests') there are other titles from the range with fewer guests. 

Let's have a look at what's included!

Invites (including envelopes!) I love that it comes with themed invites! Inside there's information about the characters and costume suggestions, absolutely perfect! The guests get everything that they need, the only tiny thing that I don't like is that in the 3 small hints, it recommends bringing a gift for the host, what's that all about?  Totally unnecessary to put this on a pre-printed invite in my opinion. 

Party planner for the host, this contains all the pertinent information for the host, it sets the scene, in this case Casablanca in the 40's, details how to play the game and use the CD and even suggests a menu along with recipes!  Not bad eh? 

Place cards for each of the guests, I know I would most certainly forget who's who so this is great to remember which character your guests are. 

Character booklets are also provided for each guest, which set the scene, give greater background to their character and a script which basically is the story. 

There are also 6 exhibits, letters, invoices etc which the host will bring out throughout the proceedings, they are very well done and add an extra dimension to the game. 

And as I've already mentioned, a CD where Inspector McClue guides you through the night. 

Doesn't it sound fab!!  Just as though you've been transported right into the middle of an Agatha Christie film! 

I cannot wait to host this, now I just need to arrange for all our friends to be free at the same time and to sort out the logistics! 

There are many titles in the range to choose from either from all major toy shops or direct from the distributors Paul Lamond Games

Disclaimer: We have been sent this game in exchange for our review. All opinions and words are our own.

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