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|LET'S LEARN|Our new 'let's learn' project

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know that T and I have started some home learning again. I'm not sure if it's the summer holidays or just a need for us to have some focused time together, but he asked me at the start of the holidays if I would do some 'activities' with him and he asked if we could do things together more, so we've started again and have been loving it.

Although I will be making a plan each week (to save time on the day and help with my anxiety!) I want this to be relaxed and flexible. Already I've changed my plan if T or The Hubs suggests and idea, the weather changes or we fancy doing something different!  

T likes structure though and although I've been trying in the past year to give him more freedom to do what he wants to do, he clearly prefers to have a little guidance. This seems to be working great but I guess the true test will be when he's at back at school.

Some of the things T has learned already are:
How to make a pitta pizza
To try out process art
To sew on a button
About an eclipse 
How to play a card game 

I'd like to keep our activities as varied as possible, some indoors, some outdoors, some will last close to the hour, others may just be 10 minutes, some will involve the whole family, some will just be with me or The Hubs.  They will carry on whilst on holiday or when we are out and about and sometimes the 'plan' will go completely out of the window! 

So, why am I telling you all this? 😂 good point!  I guess it's because you will see me posting my plans here and sharing what we do, hopefully it will give some inspiration for some quick after school activities if you are looking for some, and I'm hoping you will give me some ideas for things we can do. 

Every Sunday I plan to share the plan and activities for the previous week. But if you would prefer to see what we do 'real time' then check out Instagram stories as I'll be sharing there what we do each day. 

In case it will help you, here's the plan I'll be using, I'll be sharing completed plans in future weeks along with the activities. 

If you have an activity you'd like us to feature, leave me a comment or email me! We'd love some more ideas. Also if you'd like to join in use #lbukletslearn

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  1. I missed this post firs ttime around for some reason - love the organisation. I need to be organised too !


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