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|FUN|emoji rocket blasters

LarabeeUK - kids craft activity- emoji rockets

Does anyone else have piles of the little yellow kinder eggs laying about the house?  I always think they *should* come in handy but can never think of anything to do with them.

With T's latest obsession being anything emoji related, I thought we'd try our hands at making some emoji alka seltzer 'rockets'. I did this activity a few years ago with cousin J when T was small and he loved it so I though T would too. 

You will need:
Kinder eggs (just the yellow egg inside)
Permanent marker pens
Alka seltzer packets
LarabeeUK - kids craft activity, emoji rockets, what you need

1 first cut the tops off of the kinder eggs, this is quite easy when you have sharp scissors, but be careful! 

LarabeeUK - kids craft activity, emoji rockets, cut the tops off the kinder eggs

2 Decide on your emoji faces and draw them on the larger part of the eggs. 

3 Add half an alka seltzer tablet to the lid part of the egg.

4. We found that half filling the lid with water on top of the tablet gave the perfect formula to give a good 'blast'.  

I'd recommend an adult attaches the lid on because they can sometimes go off when you least expect it. 

5. As you can see it's difficult to get good footage of these beauties going off, but they are really fab for a little chemical reaction experiment at home. 

What do you do with your leftover kinder eggs? L💕

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