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|FOOD|25+ family breakfast ideas

Do you ever find yourself having the same breakfasts over and over again because you can't think what else to have?  We do so I turned to my blogging friends to ask them what their favourite healthy family breakfasts are.  There are some brilliant suggestions here, I hope it gives you some inspiration for the school holidays or for nice family weekends :)

Mostly Fruit

1. We often have fruit and fat free yoghurt.
Jen from Just Average Jen

2. Fruit salad with plain granola or porridge oats. We all love it!
Jo from Cup of Toast

3. Fruity 'bacon & eggs'
Emma from Me and B make tea Emma also has lots more ideas on the breakfast category on her blog

4. My daughter loves smoothies or energy balls. We mainly use recipes by Deliciously Ella.
Kelly from The Best Version of Kelly

5. Overnight porridge oats with Yogurt and fruit is a winner for us as not only is it healthy but saves time in the morning
Beth from Twinderelmo

6. Greek Yoghurt, fruit, granola and honey is a firm favourite here. Little Legs loves choosing her fruit toppings and would eat it every day if we let her.
Karina from Mum's the Nerd

7. We love fruit bowls with melon strawberry grapes kiwi and some pancakes
Katie from Mummy's Diary

8. Our family favourite is pancakes with berries and Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of maple syrup (not super healthy but delicious)
Lisa Mummy Gummie

9. Banana and Strawberry ready break smoothie
Clare from Emmy's Mummy

10. Fruity breakfast crumble Fruity Breakfast Crumble
Georgina from Gee Gardner

Savoury based

1. Savoury muffins are amazing! Egg, spinach, bacon etc
Jade Karly from Mummies Waiting

2. We all love having scrambled eggs
Kerry Kerry Louise Norris

3. We love avocado toast with smoked salmon and poached eggs. Yummy!

Nyomi from Nomipalony

4.   I like a continental-esque breakfast. I'll have ham, salami, cheese, eggs and a pitta bread
Jade from Raising the Rings

5. Healthy Veggie Muffins
Kelly-Anne from Mimi Rose and Me

6. Scrambled eggs with spinach on English muffins - a big hit with everyone!
Hannah from The Amphletts

7. Making little bite sized omelettes in fairy cake tins is a big hit here! Just grease the tin (or use silicone muffin cases) add whatever veggies you like, some beaten egg and some grated cheese and bake until set.
Louise from Pink Pear Bear

8. Avocado with tomatoes on toast
This one is from me, I'm trying hard to get all the family on board with it ;)

Super Cereals

1. We LOVE cereals with yoghurt
Hannah from A New Addition Blog

2. We love baked oats and the kids love experimenting with flavours! Our favourites so far are Nutella baked oats and cherry bakewell baked oats (almond essence and cherry jam!)
Jess from Tantrums to Smiles

3. I buy seeds at the market - chia, pumpkin, sunflower and flax as well as cranberries and we sprinkle them on our cereal
Debbie from My Boys Club

4. Oats soaked in fat free starwberry yogurt and fresh strawberries and raspberries chopped up leave in the fridge covered overnight and it's such a delicious breakfast my five year old goes crazy for! You can use any fat free yogurt and fruit to mix it up!!
Sophie from Soph Obsessed

And the rest!

1. My kids love JimJams on toast with fruit - its like Nutella but it has 83% less sugar 
Clare from Neon Rainbow Blog

2. Quick oaty banana mini pancakes 
Eva from Captain Bobcat

3. Oatcakes (Staffordshire ones) with cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms. I don't think we could move to another part of the country because we would all miss our Saturday morning oatcakes to much.
Kerry from Kerry Shaw Mummy of Four

4. Coconut Scones
Arrabella from Exeter Baby Activities

What do you enjoy for breakfast?  Leave your favourite dish in comments for me.  Enjoy your day, L💕


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