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|REVIEW|Sambro minions backpack

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Football club, dance academy, sports crew, taekwondo, swimming lessons, since T started school last year, there's always a club to pack for!  In the past year we've been careful not to let him join literally every, single club available otherwise, I'd be spending all my time running him from one place to another! 

As some of these clubs are on the same day and during school hours, we are constantly challenged with finding enough suitable bags to take along the relevant change of clothes or supplies needed for each club. 

Helping T to organise himself is high on the list of priorities, he's an independent little soul and likes to be able to do everything himself which includes packing his bags.   Also being a bit, ermmm, clumsy and careless we need bags which are durable and spacious. 

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When we were asked to review a Sambro minions backpack, I knew that it would be really handy for taekwondo or dance academy, with plenty of room for a change of clothes and bottle of water. 

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The bag is well made with durable and splashproof  plastic which will make rainy runs a lot easier and keep the contents nice and dry. The straps are comfortable and easy to adjust making it adult friendly too if needed, in fact we've already taking it on a day out with some water and wipes in it!

Sambro backpacks are perfect for clubs and school alike they come in a range of styles and colours so I'm sure there's one to suit every child. 

You can find a full range of back to school backpacks from Sambro, in Sainsbury, Argos and Very.

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