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|HEALTH|how pure potions skin salvation healed my sons eczema

Both T and I suffer from Ezcema, mine swings from very mild to being covered practically all over, luckily my more severe outbreaks are few and far between. T has a more regular eczema, he's always red and itchy in patches but he does flare up quite regularly, football socks being a usual trigger culprit!  We've tried lots of natural products on him but the only thing that seemed to work and clear up his skin were steroids and as much as we wanted his skin to clear up, at the same time we really didn't want him to have to use steroids daily to keep his skin clear. 

We were sent Skin salvation cream, bath oil and tea tree rescue salve from Pure Potions to review and although I was hopeful, I felt as though it would have been a miracle if T's skin could be controlled by completely natural, reasonably priced products. 

I've been wanting to give these a good couple of months use before writing my review as I know all too well how ezcema can be alleviated with a new product, only to return within weeks worse than ever once the skin got used to it. 

We've now been using for over 3 months so I feel comfortable that these products are actually working and T is completely steroid free!

Pure potions products are not tested on animals and contain all natural products, which as you know are massive plus points for me, they are also incredibly reasonably priced. 

So... how did we get on? 

Here were his legs before we started using the cream and bath oil, this is the start of a flare up for him as you can see brought on by his football socks rubbing, this would usually have got far worse before it got better with using the steroid cream, the doctors have suggested this would not be the case if we continued to use the steroid every day in key areas, like here. However, we really didn't want his body to become accustomed to the medication like that. 

And here are his legs after *1 WEEK* of applying the cream twice a day and using the bath oil twice. Honestly, I couldn't believe it, we actually had better results with this cream that we have with the steriod cream and since applying it daily and using the oil every now and then he's been completely clear for over 3 months. 

As you can see it's completely cleared and there's absolutely no scarring. 

If you are worried about using a strong medication for your children (or you!) I'd really recommend using this product, we do have to make it through the winter but I'm confident that if we can manage his skin now, we'll be able to continue applying daily and prevent flare-ups and unlike the steroid, I don't mind apply this natural product every day. 

Skin salvation tea tree rescue balm is £4.65
Skin salvation bath and body emollient oil is £12.99
all available direct from Pure Potions

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