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|FAMILY|10 great reasons to get your family outdoors

This year we have spent June making a more concerted effort to get outdoors everyday as a family and take part in the #30dayswild challenge.

So far we've managed to be pretty successful and with lots of items on our Family Wild List still to cross off, we have lots to keep us busy for the second half of the year.

We have realised though, that we really want to continue with the #everydaywild challenge and keep spending time outdoors, getting closer to nature and appreciate the beautiful countryside we are so very lucky to live in. 

What we have noticed is how much more time we are spending together and are actually making an effort for family time rather than whiling away the hours doing nothing (not that, that's a bad thing 😉).  This got me thinking about how I think spending more time outdoors has benefitted our family. 

1. Getting fresh air - Probably the most obvious but you're out in the fresh air, and that's good for everyone isn't it? 

2. Learning about new things - T has learned how to distinguish the different types of local raptors during this #30dayswild and he's started to identify birds from their song. 

3. Less screen time - being outdoors does mean you're not sitting inside watching the TV or scrolling aimlessly.  Although I'm not saying screens can't play a part in your outdoors time geocaching, using identification apps and billion graves are all great outdoors activities using your phone.

4. More exercise - even if you are not trying to get some extra steps in, getting outdoors will increase your activity levels.

5. Spending time doing something together - like eating dinner together round the table, getting outside and doing something together brings you closer as a family. 

6. Good for wildlife - just a little walk or doing a bee count is so good for the environment. Getting closer to nature pretty much automatically makes you more aware of the environment. 

7. Spend time with friends - rather than go round to friends houses, all meet up at a park for a walk, to play a game (rounders, cricket) or for an outdoor movie night. Check your local parks trust for local information. 

8. Soaking up the sun - let your body absorb natural serotonin, it's a fabulous mood booster, amazing for anxiety and amongst other things it helps you to sleep and aides digestion.   Soak it up every chance you can!! 

9. Take on an outdoor challenge - we all want to try exploring our local forest's canopy at Go Ape, it's great that we can all to this together. 

10. Have an adventure exploring a new place - camping is something we only discovered last year and absolutely love!  We've not been away as much as we'd planned due to other commitments but we really enjoy the simplicity of camping and basically you can do all of the above really easily, whilst exploring new places. 

How do you like to spend time outdoors as a family?

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