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|REVIEW|family games night with 5 second rule jr

Lately we have been trying to find alternative family activities to do after dinner and before bed. We had got into a bit of a rut where T started watching too much TV/iPad at this time so The Hubs and I could get on with a few jobs. We've now made the conscious decision to have an hour or so family time before T's bedtime now. One of our favourite things to do is play board games. 

We love 5 Second Rule, from University Games  so much so that we even made some cards suitable for tots this time last year, however, there are only so many questions you can come up with yourself so were very pleased when the opportunity to review 5 Second Rule Jr arose. 

We've been playing it now for a week or so and it's firmly taken over cluedo jr as T's favourite board game, he absolutely loves it! 

The game is very simple give 3 answers to the statement within 5 seconds and move a square. 

Examples of questions are:
Name 3 people who live in your street.
Name 3 super heroes.
Name 3 names beginning with B.

To be honest T's much better than either me or his Dad as he just doesn't think and blurts them out 😂 we spend too much time thinking before the timer runs out! 

5 Second Rule Jr is suitable for Ages 5+. RRP £19.99 available from Argos, Amazon and Toys R Us

What's your favourite family game?  Lx 

Disclaimer: we were sent this game in exchange for our honest review. All words and opinions are our own. 


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