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|OUT AND ABOUT|turbo peddlers at Willen lake


A couple of weeks ago we headed down the road (20 miles) to Willen lake, we wanted to let T have his first proper bike ride around the lake so before we left I had a quick look to see how much the parking was and saw the new turbo racers, we thought that T might like these too, so headed to MK and picked up the MIL.

I've seen lots of negative reviews lately for Willen Lake because of the price of the attractions and parking, to be honest we think they are really reasonable for a cheap day out, but then we only have 1 child. If we had more, maybe we'd notice the pinch a bit more. 

After a lovely ride around the lake, a bounce on the bouncy castle and a good 20 mins in the play area, we headed to the Turbo peddlers.


T was kitted out with a well fitting life jacket, the staff in the water centre we really great and made him feel really grown up. 


The turbo peddlers are sectioned off for safety in a shallow area of the lake, the gentleman running the ride was able to swiftly get into the water if needed which was only waist high to him. 

He went through a few rules and instructions with T and he was off! 

T really enjoyed this ride and felt very grown up being about to go in by himself, because he got the knack quite quickly, he did spend a lot of time going round in circles in the small area, which is why the 15 minute session was just perfect for him. 

The 15 minute session is £3 and this was plenty for T, for £5 you can also get a 30 minute session, although I think this would have been too long for T, maybe if he had a friend in there too, that might have been a better option.   They are suitable from the age of 3 and weigh up to 32kg. 

Parking: £3 all day
Turbo racer: £3 for 15 minutes

We'd love to know your opinion if you've been to Willen Lake, Lx 


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