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|REVIEW|Schleich New forest European Forest Dweller playset

It's no secret that we like our animal figures, we were recently asked if we'd review some from the new Schleich series Wildlife - New Forest Palysets. We were sent The European Forest Dweller set which we really liked.


As with all Schleich figures the attention to detail was spot on, each one is hand painted and they are really well made and durable. 


Whenever we look at toys like this T wants to know all about what sort of animal they are and where they are from, I love how Schleich figures spark a child's imagination and he always learns when he plays with the figures, either noticing something about the fine detail, like this deers eyes or asking why the Fox has a white tummy, leading to a google session for Mummy and us both learning something new ;) we also talked about how wild boar are used for finding truffles, which again lead to googling and learning about truffles!


This time we thought we'd use our characters to produce some shadow drawings, the weather had let us down and so we attempted this activity indoors with the use of a torch.  Whilst I think outdoors in sunlight would produce better results, T had a lovely time doing this activity, and because of the fine detail and high quality of the Schleich figures, they are absolutely perfect for an activity like this. 


T has already decided he would like a forest tuff spot set up so his new Forest characters can be used to create a little forest habitat. 

We always love Schleich figures and play with them in a lot of our activities, I love how playing with them leads to so many questions and learning!

This set is £13.99

Disclaimer: we were sent these figures in return for our honest review. All words and opinions are our own. 


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