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|REVIEW|dino train: paint and match app

Dino Train is a lovely app based on the popular Jim Hendersons TV series. 

The app has both colouring in and a game, at 5 T is at the upper recommended age bracket which is 3-5. He still had lots of fun with it and did find some of the more difficult levels a challenge.  There are 4 difficulty levels. 

We've used the app to keep T occupied when he awoke early, its great that he can use it completely by himself and there are no in app extras to worry about purchasing. 


The app contains 24 different pictures to colour in, simple to understand and simple to use, I know T would have loved this when he was younger! 

The memory game has been very popular in our house, T can either play on his own or play with a friend or us! He has great delight finishing that last match before the timer! 

Dino Train is one of many apps from Kuato Studios and can be downloaded from Play or iTunes today for 99p. 

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post

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