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|REVIEW|stickbot zanimation studio

Never has a review stressed me out as much as this one!!! Ok so not a great way of starting a review but just setting the scene!  

When Stikbot studio arrived I thought it would be a great little activity to do with T (aged 5). We were sent 2 kits, the Stickbot zanimation studio and Stickbot weapon pack featuring weapons that can be used for your animation. 

We started by downloading the stikbot studio app and watching the app video. All seemed really easy and straight forward, the only thing I didn't take into account was my 5 year old, his 'perfectionist' streak and the fact that we are like two peas in a pod! 

Anyhow, we unpacked the main box, which included 2 figures, a green or blue 'stage' some boxes and a mini tripod. 


We first attempted a video without any background, just to give it a try, it was relatively easy, however T did struggle tiny bit with small movements and found it difficult to bend the characters into positions just a tiny bit at a time. 


Eventually he did get the hang of it but the background was really unstable so he kept inadvertently moving it, which frustrated us both!!  

For our second video, we added a suitable background, from the app, music and sound effects, T pretty much did the whole video on his own, but it did cause a little bit of frustration for the reasons I stated above! 

The mini tripod was functional, it did the job well although it was a little unsteady when T tried to use it on his own.  I wanted to use the 'proper' tripod but of course T wanted to use the one included in the set 😂.


All in all now we've 'got the hang' of it I'm sure we will do it again and will get better at it and work with its little quirks.  However, I don't think the 4+ age range is very realistic for a younger child to use on their own, from our experience additional help was needed. 

That being said this will really will last him a few years and give him endless possibilities to develop his videoing skills (and patience!) 

This is a great little toy, certainly not for T at 5 to do on his own, but certainly for older children and I'm sure you'll get better results. 

Disclaimer: we were sent this item in exchange for honest review 

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  1. this sounds like a fab idea for introducing kids to the video making and the such. It's something I can't wait to see my three try, although I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I think I'd struggle leaving the kids to do it without 'helping' too much! x


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