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|FAMILY|jumping in the car and finding 'hidden drives'


Do you ever just get in the car and go for a drive?  When we were kids we used to do this all the time (well most Sundays!) it's not something we do at all though, only really using the car to get somewhere.   I'm sure I know all the words to practically every Motown song from listening to them on our weekend 'drives' in our old Range Rover. I'm sure with 5 children it was a cheap activity for my parents and my Dad doing what he loves best - driving!   


Jumping in the car and heading off to destinations unknown really appeals to me, and if there's a scenic route along the way, then all the better!  I really don't know why we've never done it. 

I must admit we live in a beautiful part of the country completely surrounded by countryside and with the Cotswolds, Chilterns and Peak District all within a relitively short distance away, however, looking at the eBook Irelands great hidden drives from Chill Insurance does make me long to go to Ireland, driving to the Cliffs of Moher is now firmly on my bucket list!!  It looks absolutely stunning, I'd love to pack up the car with a picnic and head out for an adventure, listening to Ed Sheeran with the windows down in the beautiful sunshine! 


It looks as though this weekend is going to be lovely so maybe we should head out for a drive, for no reason, just 'because'.

Where are your 'hidden drives'?

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post. 

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