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|REVIEW|Interplay bug safari


We were sent the Nick Baker's Bug Safari Kit from Interplay to review recently, so on a day where spring finally started to show we got the kits out and started started on our big safari. 


The kit contained lots of equipment for studying bugs in a safe and professional manner. 

- field lens
- guide book
- bug tongs
- magnifying pot
- tweezers
- graticule
- paintbrush!!!!

Yes, we wondered what the paintbrush was for too!  You use it to gently pick and move up bugs that are too small to safely pick up with your hands. The soft bristles do not hurt them. 


T loved learning about how to use the equipment and it's all small enough to fit into pockets or a bag. 


We went out in the garden looking for bugs to study, the first place we tried was the den, although we only found worms in there!

Following the instructions in the guide, we looked under some stones and found some wood lice, we gently used the brush to transfer one onto the bug tongs and studied it for a while, we measured it using the graticule and watched it curl up into a ball. 


The kit comes with a really useful guide which shows the child how to use the equipment, a little about the sort of bugs they may find, further resources and where to look for bugs.


It's a really handy little pocket book which I know for sure, we'll be using time and time again. 


This kit is aimed at children aged 5 and upwards and costs £12.99

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