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|BRAND NEW ME|sunday routine - 11 ways to prepare for the week ahead


Spending time on your valuable weekend might not seem like a great use of your time, but when that couple of hours of prep saves you time and stress in the week it pays back dividends. It also puts you in a great mindset to start the week, on top of things and in control. Leaving you to spend valuable stress-free time in the week on you and your family. 

1. Plan your meals for the whole week, do as much shopping as you can and know what other shopping needs to be done, when.  I don't actually shop on a Sunday, I have my meal plan and shopping done by Friday so I'm ready for Sunday. Prep food/snacks for the week, not only does this cut down valuable time wasted preparing during the week, if you are following a particular regime or diet you will have a greater chance of sticking to it, if you're interested in this, I have a post coming up showing you how I prep our lunches for the week, useful if you work either outside the home or at home. 

2. Plan your wardrobe and make sure all your laundry is up to date to start the week fresh with no washing or ironing, this is great for the mind.  Put daily outfits, clubs and work out wear together to make it quicker and easier to get ready.  Again I don't do this on a Sunday, I just make sure it's all there and done for then. Many times in the past, The Hubs has told me Monday morning he has no clean shirt or football kit. Or I'm ironing T's school uniform Monday morning because I forgot to wash it until Sunday evening. 

3. Even if you don't take any time for self care in the rest of the week make sure you take at least half an hour doing something just for you on a Sunday to get you in the right frame of mind for the week ahead.  Meditation is a wonderful form of self care to ease you into the week and give you time to focus, get up before anyone else and read a book - yes actually just sit and read without interruption (laying in bed is not self care 😉)

4. Set up your appointments in your planner for the week, know where the whole family is and what they are doing every day.  Remember to plan in self care and exercise!  Use the time block method to plan out anything you want to do this week, eg I want to start to tackle decluttering our spare room, so I've booked out an hour most days to do this. Any errands coming up? Dry cleaning to drop off?  Birthday cards to send?  Coupons to use up?  Get all these things in your planner, need to get fuel tomorrow and the library is next door, drop off those books at the same time, pop it in your planner so you're not wasting time!

5. Prepare for school or work, make sure homework is done (we get ours done first thing Saturday) prepare any money or notes that need to be taken into school, make sure shoes are all nice and clean.  Swap over handbags and file away receipts from last week.  Be mindful of what's happening that week at school (eg special school days, mufti, Red Nose Day etc). Draw out lunch money if you don't make your own (using cash rather than card is proven to cut down on spending!) print off any tickets or booking details if you are travelling with work.

6. Prepare for after school activities both at home or out of the home, arrange any play dates, book activities, plan your own after school time and book babysitters for date night.

7. Empty and refill, empty bins, empty vacuum cleaner, water plants, refill medication dispensers (re-order now if necessary too!), refill bird food.  Don't wait until you hear the recycling lorry to panic that your inside bins are overflowing and your wheelie bin hasn't been put out!

8. Plan to do something nice as a family on a Sunday, a walk in the forest, lunch out, family movie night or even just a dusk walk round your town or village.  Try to set the pace for the coming week. As a family plan the following weekends activities now, that'll give you something to look forward to all week.

9. Open the windows (when appropriate!) pull back your bedsheets and give your rooms an airing.  I wash our bedding on a Friday so it's still nice and clean by Sunday but I do like to break my habit of making beds daily on a Sunday and getting some air in though.

10. Have a brain download, sit down with a piece of paper and put down all your thoughts, appointments, to-do's, shopping lists etc, you'll be amazed at how much you are sub consciously carrying about with you. I have a post coming up about this but here is a good article about this. 

11. Excercise, yes really!  Get up on Sunday morning and do at least half an hour later exercise, it will set the scene for the day to help you get everything else done, will make you feel great knowing it's done and will help you to keep up momentum in the coming week! 

Having routines throughout your week not only get things done but alleviate stress and free up your mind to do the things you want to do. I'm not saying do all this on a Sunday, but tie up those loose ends on Sunday and start the week feeling great. 

What do you prepare for on Sunday? How do you prepare for the week ahead?

I hope your week is going well, 🙏🏼 Leandra x
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