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|BRAND NEW ME|lime and coconut anti-cellulite sugar scrub


I've always been about natural beauty products, but in the last 10 years or so I've not been as picky as I used to. With this big lifestyle change we're going through I'm getting back into using homemade and natural beauty products and if they are super cheap to make too, then that's an added bonus! 

I've recently started studying aromatherapy and when I learned that lime oil is great to improve cellulite, I knew I had to team it up with moisturising coconut oil to make this fab zesty scrub. 

This scrub is great to use yourself or would be perfect for Mother's Day (although you may want to avoid mentioning the anti-cellulite properties 😉)

You will need
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of oil (olive, almond or baby)
30ml melted coconut oil
A drop of green food colouring 
20 drops of lime essential oil
A small jar 


In a non-metallic bowl add all ingredients together.


Tip the scrub into your jar and that really is it!! 

Super simple, super cheap and super effective!  


Do you like making your own beauty products?  What are your favourites? X


  1. So simple and bet it smells amazing! I might get the little ones to make somethign like this for Mother's Day xx

  2. This looks so easy to make. I think I need to make this. I'm really making an effort lately to put more natural products on my skin at the moment so this would be great for me!x


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