|REVIEW|ChillFactor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker


T really liked the look of The ChillFactor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker when he saw the photo's, he thought it was just a pretty awesome drinks cup, so when it arrived and he realized that he could make delicious slushies' in seconds, he was pretty impressed!  He was a little disappointed to find that the freezer pack had to be frozen first, but we did this before school and by the time we came back it was nice and frozen and we could begin to make our slushy.


Chillfactor Frozen Brain Slushy Makers retail at £12.99 and can be purchased here.

The great thing about this product is that its really simple to use and you need nothing more than this cup, a freezer and whichever sort of drink you prefer like; chocolate milk, soda and natural fruit juices all of which make yummy slushies
T loved the fun and colourful monster design and watching the slushy swirl around the monsters brain!

So, let's briefly tell you what you need to do!  Once the frozen pack has been added back to the cup, it's so simple to turn a regular drink into a yummy slushy.
Simply pour your drink I and give the cup a big squish, T did find this a bit difficult as the quicker you squish it the faster and icier your slushy gets, in no time at all T had a lovely slushy which he really enjoyed.
Yep!  That's it!  So simple, and the cup comes with a long spoon/straw so you can use that to make sure you can get all of that slushy!
The slushy maker is marketed as 'transportable' but to be honest, I don't think they are stable enough to be transportable, I certainly wouldn't put one in my bag for the risk of it leaking.


Also available from www.character-online.co.uk are ChillFactor Pull Pops which retail at £4.99


|REVIEW|Talking Plush Bunga From The Lion Guard


It's pretty safe to say that The Lion Guard is pretty popular in our house, T absolutely loves it and we've enjoyed introducing him to the Disney© show that started it all The Lion King. 

T was super-excited when he opened his parcel containing Bunga, I tried to get a video but he was just too excited and quick! 

Bunga has now become T's favourite toy and he literally goes everywhere with him, I think it's mostly to do with the rude noises that Bunga makes more than anything but, he's gone down incredibly well here! 


Aimed at children 3-6 there are 2 characters in the range, Kion the Lion and Bunga the cheeky (and rude) honey badger. 


The toy is 30cm tall and has an on/off switch should you wish to mute them 😉.  Each toy has a light up arm badge and says 4 unique phrases, they are high quality and easily recognisable as characters from the popular Lion Guard series. 

Each plush toy is £24.99 and are available from Flair.

Here's a little video so T can tell you what he like most about Bunga and you can hear him talk and ermmm fart! 

Disclaimer: we were sent this toy in exchange for our honest review. 

|REVIEW|Wild! Science Lava Lamp & Glitter Tube Factory

First let me tell you about an awesome competition that Wild! Science are currently running, it's absolutely terrific and such a great opportunity for young scientists, here are the details, find out how to apply here.

The Wild! Science Global Science Challenge is giving families (2 adults and 2 children) everywhere the chance to win:

A trip to Orlando Florida,
Entry to Disney World,
Accommodation t a 5-star resort for 7 days
Care hire for 7 days
A full set of Wild Science products
Entry to the Kennedy Space Centre to meet a real astronaut!

How to enter:

  1. Buy a Wild! Science Kit and send a receipt copy with your online application
  2. Design and create an awesome new Wild! Science Kit
  3. Write and illustrate a basic instruction book to show other kids how to use your awesome Wild! Science Kit.
OK, on to our review :)

Last week T was very poorly, however, he was missing school and really wanted to 'do' something, luckily we had been sent this fabulous Lava Lamp & Glitter Tube Factory from Wild! Science, which I thought we could try out as an educational and fun activity whilst he was missing school.

The set came with almost everything needed to create both a lava lamp and a glitter tube, all we need to add was water and oil and T added even more glitter!

T donned his gloves and set to work making his lava lamps!  We first made the glitter tube which is simply made from a bottle of glycerine and adding the special glitter.

T measured out all the relevant chemicals carefully and did a great job.  Here he was making the tablets to drop into the lava lamp to make a fizzy chemical reaction between the acid and base, this produces bubbles of carbon dioxide gas which break through the glitter and oil creating a spectacular effect that looks just like an underwater volcano!

We added lots of more glitter but each piece of the enclosed glitter is a tiny mirror that reflects light and with lots of tiny mirrors, the light is scattered in all directions to create a sparkling effect, ours we're *really* sparkly and shiny!


We took a little video of our lava lamp to show you just how great it is ;)

Wild! Science kits are aimed at ages 8+, T is 5 and had no problem at all making these items with help from me to read the instructions.  The Wild! Science kits are £14.99
Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for Wild! Science.

|REVIEW|The Gazillion Giant Power Wand

Who doesn't love playing with bubbles?  We absolutely love them and LOVE bubble machines or toys which can make bubbles themselves!  We've been testing the Giant Gazillion giant power wand preparing for the spring days that are on the horizon!
The wand comes with a 4oz bottle of  'giant' bubble solution and a special tray to pour the solution in, once you've added batteries you have everything to need to start making huge bubble straight away.

We got out in the garden to give the giant power wand a try and made some lovely big bubbles!  T enjoyed bursting the large bubbles and seeing how far they traveled, although he did need a little help as the bubble mix kept bursting when he took it out of the special bubble tray, although it has been quite windy every time we've used it.
The bubble wand is aimed at children aged 3-7 and is a lightweight motorized wand which can be operated easily with a simple button, T managed to do this no problem at all with one hand, leaving his other free to pop the massive bubbles!

We really enjoyed playing with our bubble wand and can see lots of fun to be had in the summer, T even wants to take it camping with us!

The Gazillion Giant Power Wand is £12.99 and available from Argos Online
Also available from this range is The Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill.

|REVIEW|Interplay bug safari


We were sent the Nick Baker's Bug Safari Kit from Interplay to review recently, so on a day where spring finally started to show we got the kits out and started started on our big safari. 


The kit contained lots of equipment for studying bugs in a safe and professional manner. 

- field lens
- guide book
- bug tongs
- magnifying pot
- tweezers
- graticule
- paintbrush!!!!

Yes, we wondered what the paintbrush was for too!  You use it to gently pick and move up bugs that are too small to safely pick up with your hands. The soft bristles do not hurt them. 


T loved learning about how to use the equipment and it's all small enough to fit into pockets or a bag. 


We went out in the garden looking for bugs to study, the first place we tried was the den, although we only found worms in there!

Following the instructions in the guide, we looked under some stones and found some wood lice, we gently used the brush to transfer one onto the bug tongs and studied it for a while, we measured it using the graticule and watched it curl up into a ball. 


The kit comes with a really useful guide which shows the child how to use the equipment, a little about the sort of bugs they may find, further resources and where to look for bugs.


It's a really handy little pocket book which I know for sure, we'll be using time and time again. 


This kit is aimed at children aged 5 and upwards and costs £12.99

|BRAND NEW ME|sunday routine - 11 ways to prepare for the week ahead


Spending time on your valuable weekend might not seem like a great use of your time, but when that couple of hours of prep saves you time and stress in the week it pays back dividends. It also puts you in a great mindset to start the week, on top of things and in control. Leaving you to spend valuable stress-free time in the week on you and your family. 

1. Plan your meals for the whole week, do as much shopping as you can and know what other shopping needs to be done, when.  I don't actually shop on a Sunday, I have my meal plan and shopping done by Friday so I'm ready for Sunday. Prep food/snacks for the week, not only does this cut down valuable time wasted preparing during the week, if you are following a particular regime or diet you will have a greater chance of sticking to it, if you're interested in this, I have a post coming up showing you how I prep our lunches for the week, useful if you work either outside the home or at home. 

2. Plan your wardrobe and make sure all your laundry is up to date to start the week fresh with no washing or ironing, this is great for the mind.  Put daily outfits, clubs and work out wear together to make it quicker and easier to get ready.  Again I don't do this on a Sunday, I just make sure it's all there and done for then. Many times in the past, The Hubs has told me Monday morning he has no clean shirt or football kit. Or I'm ironing T's school uniform Monday morning because I forgot to wash it until Sunday evening. 

3. Even if you don't take any time for self care in the rest of the week make sure you take at least half an hour doing something just for you on a Sunday to get you in the right frame of mind for the week ahead.  Meditation is a wonderful form of self care to ease you into the week and give you time to focus, get up before anyone else and read a book - yes actually just sit and read without interruption (laying in bed is not self care 😉)

4. Set up your appointments in your planner for the week, know where the whole family is and what they are doing every day.  Remember to plan in self care and exercise!  Use the time block method to plan out anything you want to do this week, eg I want to start to tackle decluttering our spare room, so I've booked out an hour most days to do this. Any errands coming up? Dry cleaning to drop off?  Birthday cards to send?  Coupons to use up?  Get all these things in your planner, need to get fuel tomorrow and the library is next door, drop off those books at the same time, pop it in your planner so you're not wasting time!

5. Prepare for school or work, make sure homework is done (we get ours done first thing Saturday) prepare any money or notes that need to be taken into school, make sure shoes are all nice and clean.  Swap over handbags and file away receipts from last week.  Be mindful of what's happening that week at school (eg special school days, mufti, Red Nose Day etc). Draw out lunch money if you don't make your own (using cash rather than card is proven to cut down on spending!) print off any tickets or booking details if you are travelling with work.

6. Prepare for after school activities both at home or out of the home, arrange any play dates, book activities, plan your own after school time and book babysitters for date night.

7. Empty and refill, empty bins, empty vacuum cleaner, water plants, refill medication dispensers (re-order now if necessary too!), refill bird food.  Don't wait until you hear the recycling lorry to panic that your inside bins are overflowing and your wheelie bin hasn't been put out!

8. Plan to do something nice as a family on a Sunday, a walk in the forest, lunch out, family movie night or even just a dusk walk round your town or village.  Try to set the pace for the coming week. As a family plan the following weekends activities now, that'll give you something to look forward to all week.

9. Open the windows (when appropriate!) pull back your bedsheets and give your rooms an airing.  I wash our bedding on a Friday so it's still nice and clean by Sunday but I do like to break my habit of making beds daily on a Sunday and getting some air in though.

10. Have a brain download, sit down with a piece of paper and put down all your thoughts, appointments, to-do's, shopping lists etc, you'll be amazed at how much you are sub consciously carrying about with you. I have a post coming up about this but here is a good article about this. 

11. Excercise, yes really!  Get up on Sunday morning and do at least half an hour later exercise, it will set the scene for the day to help you get everything else done, will make you feel great knowing it's done and will help you to keep up momentum in the coming week! 

Having routines throughout your week not only get things done but alleviate stress and free up your mind to do the things you want to do. I'm not saying do all this on a Sunday, but tie up those loose ends on Sunday and start the week feeling great. 

What do you prepare for on Sunday? How do you prepare for the week ahead?

I hope your week is going well, 🙏🏼 Leandra x
You Baby Me Mummy

|BRAND NEW ME|lime and coconut anti-cellulite sugar scrub


I've always been about natural beauty products, but in the last 10 years or so I've not been as picky as I used to. With this big lifestyle change we're going through I'm getting back into using homemade and natural beauty products and if they are super cheap to make too, then that's an added bonus! 

I've recently started studying aromatherapy and when I learned that lime oil is great to improve cellulite, I knew I had to team it up with moisturising coconut oil to make this fab zesty scrub. 

This scrub is great to use yourself or would be perfect for Mother's Day (although you may want to avoid mentioning the anti-cellulite properties 😉)

You will need
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of oil (olive, almond or baby)
30ml melted coconut oil
A drop of green food colouring 
20 drops of lime essential oil
A small jar 


In a non-metallic bowl add all ingredients together.


Tip the scrub into your jar and that really is it!! 

Super simple, super cheap and super effective!  


Do you like making your own beauty products?  What are your favourites? X

|REVIEW|Phinexi iPhone battery case


My biggest irritation in life is the battery on my iPhone6S not keeping a charge*, honestly, my poor husband must have been driven mad in the past 18 months since I got it.   I know, I know first world problems and all that 😉
So when I was contacted to review a new battery phone case by Phinexi, of course I said yes!
I use my phone a lot, I have Skype meetings with India during week days and I’ve been having Facetime workshops at least 3 times a week, I also use it a lot for my blogging and so the battery really does take a battering, I wondered if the Phinexi could be the answer to my prayers.
The Phinexi iPhone6S case was sent to me within days (great customer service!) and I started using it straight away. 

The battery phone case simply clips onto your phone and charges at the same time as your mobile phone.  I really was expecting a regular charge to take twice as long but it doesn’t which makes it even more impressive.
When your phone starts to run out of charge, you simply press the little heart on the back of the device to activate the battery, I’ve found that my phone can go from about 20% to 100% within an hour using the Phinexi phone case, and the case still will have charge left in it.
Made from durable black plastic, the case also offers good protection, it obviously adds a tiny bit of weight but it really isn’t noticeable and I’ve seen bigger and heavier ‘normal’ cases.
I have a stand that my phone and watch sit on at night and my phone in the case still sits comfortably in there, it’s that thin.

I really like how the Phinexi case feels in my hand as I’m using my phone, I feel it gives me a far better grip and of course now I get twice the battery life out of my phone.  At the moment, it's only available in black, but as I'm so over the 'rose gold' (it's not rose gold it's pink!) I actually quite liked that it was black!
If you hadn’t guessed, I’m really impressed with this product, it costs £29.00 and is available direct from Phinexi, an iPhone7 case is also available for £49.99.

Phinexi also have some really nice looking wireless earbuds, if you're looking to treat yourself!
*I should really say that Apple would fix it but it would have to be in the Apple shop for 2 weeks!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product in return for my honest review all words are my own.