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|FUN|finding dory after school mat

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Back in the summer after T watched Finding Dory, he asked for an activity to make his own version, so I set up an after school mat for him on the tuff spot to keep his occupied when he finished school early.   For this 'messy' activity I our tuff spot.

This 'mat' kept him occupied for a good couple of hours. After doing the activities, we cuddled up on the sofa and watched Finding Nemo with a big bowl
of popcorn!

We watched Finding Nemo because the Dory DVD wasn't out when we did this mat.  You can now get the Finding Dory DVD
And set up the items for a Dory paper plate craft
For which you will need*
Silver paper plate

1. Draw a basic Dory shape on your plate, marking where the shades of blue appear, we cut out the mouth and somewhere for the tail, but we didn't need to cut the tail. 

2. Cut out a fin and tail from the yellow craft foam. 

3. T painted the plate in the different shades and sprinkled on some blue glitter while the paint was still wet. 

4. We also painted the fin and tail and stuck them on with the googly eyes, which we'd outlined in pink sharpie to match Dory. 

T was thrilled with his Dory craft which now takes pride of place in our 'art' gallery. This is a lovely technique and the glitter really catches the light to suggest scales. 

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