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|FAMILY|Our October...


I'm not sure why I didn't get the Our September up last month, I think I just generally underestimated how T starting school would affect us all.  We're starting to settle into our new routine so I'm looking forward to a busy October!  One of my favourite months as I LOVE Halloween! 

4 October - Vodka day

6 October - Mad hatter day

8 October - World octopus day 


here's our favourite octopus make!

14 October - Spider-Man day 


T loved his spider-man themed party

17 October - National pasta day


make this delicious pasta dish!

28 October - National chocolate day 


try our scrumptious orange hot chocolate

29 October - National cat day

31 October - Halloween


our favourite Halloween make were these naughts and crosses!

2 October - Grandpa's memorial walk and lunch 

2 October - Harvest festival church service (Thomas's first school service)

8-9 October - Daddy working away

8 October - Mummy and Thomas movie and pizza night

13 October - School harvest festival production

14 October - Date night (cinema - Inferno) and Hayden babysitting! 

15 October - Daddy working

16 October - BeWilderwood

22 October - National forest Halloween event

24 - 28 October - Thomas at childminders (play dates every day!)

25 October - Kelsey's 18th birthday 😱

31 October - Halloween 




  1. Ah the joys of school. I have all this yet to come. #monthlybucketlist

  2. I love that spooky Naughts and Crosses set!

    Stevie x #MonthlyBucketList

  3. sounds like you have lots to look forward to this month xx


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