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|CREATE|conker bag

I thought it would be nice to make T a little bag to keep his favourite conker and shoelaces in this Autumn. 

It was super simple once I'd found a suitable image on google. 

To make this project I used: I've added in links to the products I used for this post, if you use them I receive a small commission from Amazon.
HP T-shirt transfer paper
Brown shoelaces

First, I added the wording to the photo using

Then I inserted it into word and rotated the image for the transfer paper as shown below. 

To make the bag, I used a piece of calico measuring 20cm x 40cm 

I created a hem on both ends, I would
normally use the machine to do this but didn't bother getting it out for such a small project. 

Then I used a simple running stitch to make into a bag. 

Once the bag was made, I followed the instructions on my transfer paper and ironed the image onto one side of the bag. 

I threaded one shoelace through the bag and added the other inside. T now had a place to keep his shoelaces and conkers ready for when he wants to play with them. 

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