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|CREATE|Autumn crafting with Baker Ross

We had some great kits in our Autumn Baker Ross box and had a lot of fun making some lovely crafts. 

The products we reviewed are:

Woodland foam stickers - pack of 100 for £2.99

Leaf sand art kit - pack of 5 for £3.49

Owl jewel decoration kit - pack of 4 for £3.49

Motivational bee badge kits - pack of 4 for £2.99

I love these woodland friends stickers there are so many really cute characters. 

We decided to give an old plain wooden frame a bit of an upcycle and stuck lots of the woodland stickers around the edge. 

T then stuck a photo of him and his friend in it, it's made a lovely little frame which would be perfect for a gift. 

Much to my surprise, T had a lot of fun making the sand art leaves, I honestly didn't think his attention span would stretch to this, but he made them all in one sitting and was pretty disappointed when he'd finished! 

These are so clever, it's such an easy concept but the results are very impressive. 

We used our leaves to make a lovely autumn wall hanging, which hopefully will last for many years. 

We also had some gem owls in our kit which T really
liked as they were the familiar craft kit format he's come to love.  

He knows he can create these type of crafts in no time and really enjoys making them. You simply can't go wrong with them. 

We even made one and stuck it to the front of a blank card for a simple but effective greeting. 

The motivational bees were my favourite (of course 😉) again, these are the familiar kits which T loves. 

We made our bees up but instead of adding the badges, we added Velcro and I'm using them on T's reward chart.

As you can see there are some great kits in the Autumn range, why not pop over and get some kits for the inevitable rainy days we'll have this Autumn. 

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