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|CREATE|30 minute make, dreamcatcher

I've wanted a new dreamcatcher for our bedroom for ages!  I wanted one in colours more in keeping with our decor rather than the old one that we've had for ages. 

I decided that I was going to get T to help out with this one and he was very keen to help me out!
This little project is make from items from around the house. 

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You will need
A long bendy branch 
A mixture of beads, buttons and bells

1. Bend the branch into a circle and wrap with the pipe-cleaners to hold in place.  Leave part of the pipe-cleaner loose, this will become the hanger. 

2. Feed some beads into the loose end finishing off by making the end into a loop. 

3. Feed some of the embroidery floss around your base hoop.

4. Take some lengths of floss and attach a feather to one end and feed on some beads, buttons and bells. I created 6 of these in slightly different lengths. 

5. Attach these to your base hoop and you're finished! 
It really is that simple, T managed to do almost all of this with minimal help. 

These would make cute gifts particularly for Grandparents or teachers, why not get making a few for cheap Christmas presents? 

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.

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