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|FUN|Turtle Fun family game review & giveaway

Family games night in our house has been livened up by the addition of a little egg laying turtle.

Turtle Fun is a great memory game for ages 4 and up and can be played alone of in a group, cousin J (6) joined T (4) in a game this weekend and both really enjoyed it.  

We've played this a few times now as a family and it's a really good way to get children to actually think about what they are doing and sharpen their memory skills.

Basically, you have to press the Turtles flippers in a particular order for her head to pop out, when her head is fully out, she'll lay you an egg.  The player with the most eggs at the end is th winner.

I love that we can all play this with T and that he can actually sit and play alone, although he likes to play it before bed but the jolly turtle sounds and 'ole!' right before it lays the egg does make him a little excited ;)

My slight criticism is that it's a bit wobbly when you are trying to press the flippers and so have to hold the shell down to make sure that contact is made.

Here's a little video of T & J having fun playing, I've sped up most of it to save you having to listen to the chat!

Turtle Fun has an RRP of £19.99 and is available here.

We are giving away a game to one lucky reader, enter below.  Giveaway ends midnight 21 August, see rafflecopter for full T&C's.


  1. This game looks like really good fun. My boy would absolutely love it. Off to enter now xx

  2. Ive never heard of this game beforw but it looks really fun! Entered!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  3. My kids would have loved this when they were little, and the turtle looks very cute. Great giveaway, will share :)

  4. not seen this before , perfect for our little Grandson

  5. I've not seen this before but my 4 year old would probably really enjoy this, he has recently discovered buckaroo which is an old favorite of ours :p

  6. Oh this looks like lots of fun. Definitely something my 6 year old would enjoy :)

  7. I've never heard of this game before or seen one and it looks like a really fun thing to have. Good luck to those who joined the give away! :D

  8. Looks a very cool game, we as a large family play loads of games x

  9. This looks like a fun game to play, I'm sure my kids would love it. I like them to play games like this when give their brains a bit of a work out while they're playing.

  10. I can see my 4 year old nephew loving this for sure.


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