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|FAMILY|Spring bucket list 2016

I'm a little late for our spring bucket list this season, so late in fact that we've actually already ticked some of the items off our list!
We've so much to look forward to this spring, I'm finding the sunshine rejuvenating and can't wait for us to finish this years list.
Here's what we are hoping to do before 1 June!
What's on your Spring bucket list?
1. Hatch a butterfly
2. Ride on a steam train
3. East chocolate amongst the bluebells
4. Bottle feed lambs - Done
5. Make a superhero door
6. Host an Easter egg hunt - Done
7. Have a breakfast BBQ
8. Make a mountain out of a molehill
9. Make windmills for the garden
10. Get new chickens!
11. Paint the hen house
12. Join the National Trust - Done


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