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|ACHIEVE|90 day goals progress - 11 January

This year I'm joining Vicky Charles with her goal setting for greatness 2016 linky.  This year Vicky is focusing on 90 day goals at a time.  As I come from a Finance background this resonates far better with me as I'm far more used to working in 'quarters'.  I'm hoping that for this reason, I will be successful at keeping this years resolutions and goals.

I'm recording 3 goals each for Personal, Blog, Home, Family and Work, making 15 goals, some are going to be difficult to measure so I need to work more on those, but as always I'm hoping that will evolve along the way.

So far I'm feeling really positive about the progress I've made, long may it continue!

By 1 April…

 Personal 90 day goals
·         Drink a nutriblast at least 5 times per week
Progress this week:5 (and loving them!)
Progress to date: Achieved

·         Lose 1lb per week (12lb total)
Progress this week: 3lb(!!!!)
Progress to date: 3lb

·         Make sure take 30 mins ‘me time’ every day
Progress this week:3 times this week
Progress to date: schedule in diary to see if that helps

Blog 90 day goals
·         Increase pageviews to average 400 page views per day
Progress this week: 512
Progress to date: 512, keep an eye on this and re-work the goal if necessary
·         Interact with more blogs, comments, re-tweets, shares etc
Progress this week: Joined in more on facebook groups and whatsap group, read more blogs but didn’t comment.  Shared a couple
Progress to date: Need to make some goals on this one to have something to measure.

·         Increase facebook to 600 followers
Progress this week: currently 405
Progress to date: Need a plan of action to hit this!

Home 90 day goals
·         30 min purge min 5 times per week
Progress this week: 3
Progress to date: 3/5

·         Create new house cleaning routines, so house is always ‘guest worthy
Progress this week: House tidy, but need maintenance routines to keep it so!
Progress to date: Starting in a good position with 7/9 rooms in a good state

·         Clear guest bedroom
Progress this week: Sorted out some boxes to corral like items together
Progress to date: Need a plan of attack for this!

 Family 90 day goals
·         Do at least 3 activities with T per week (including 1 family one)
Progress this week: T’s learning flower for Nursery, Cookery lesson & sleepover
Progress to date: 3/3

·         Remember T’s walkie talkie box and phonics letter photo each week
Progress this week: Photo printed and walkie talkie box remembered!
Progress to date: 1/1

·         Establish and carry through T’s bedtime routine
Progress this week: Hit and miss
Progress to date: Starting in earnest this week.

Work 90 day goals
·         Attend Agile Business Analyst workshop
Progress this week: None
Progress to date: None

·         Trello webinar/training
Progress this week: None
Progress to date: None

·         Attend Dynamics course
Progress this week: None
Progress to date: None

VickyCharles.com Goals for Greatness

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