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|HOME|Day-dreaming of a perfect craftspace with VELUX blinds

Ever since we moved into our house (6 years ago!) I've been dreaming about having my own space in the loft, a lovely little loft conversion which would give me a fabulous craft room/office space, my 'studio'!  The photo's above are from my inspiration pinterest board just for this purpose.  I'm always day-dreaming about having my own space to escape to and craft!

As T is getting older and we're considering a conservatory so we have 2 living spaces, this dream is becoming more of a reality. If we do have a conservatory, converting the loft at the same time makes much more sense. 


The colours for my space have already been decided, grey, white and yellow, maybe a few little splashes of gold!  These fab pictures would be displayed on the walls.


I need lots of storage!  I love the idea above for keeping all my craft and project work together.

For a long time I've had photo's like this pinned for The Hubs to show him exactly what it is I'm looking for!

The beauty of a loft conversion would be that I could have the windows wherever I wanted them, 2 lovely big windows to flood my 'studio' with light. 

Next on the essentials list would have to be VELUX blinds to make sure that when I want it dark and cosy I can have it nice and cosy!  Or to filter some of the right sunshine whilst I'm working.


So what exactly would be in my studio?  Definitely a nice big desk, big enough for my laptop and/or sewing machine and maybe a couple of projects on the go.


And a cosy snug area for relaxing with a good book and cup of tea! 


That's would be my perfect space, what would make your perfect retreat? 

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by VELUX blinds

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