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|FAMILY|meet twiggy

So Twiggy has been part of our family now for 7 weeks, after a good but rather timid start she's now firmly got her paws under the table and claimed us as her own.

She's now settled in more and as we've now had a chance to get to know her I thought I'd do a little introduction post!

We adopted Twiggy from the RSPCA, which I cannot praise highly enough. I'm so glad we went down this route and if we are ever in a position where we want to extend our fur babies I'd go to the RSPCA like a shot!  She was born 8 August 2014 and had a litter on her first season, this is why the RSPCA think she is quite small as she wasn't fully grown and all her energy went into looking after her kittens.  She was small and underweight, so she was named Twiggy, we were going to change it but we've stuck with it and it suits her. 

She looks like a kitten and will not grow any more, however, she is a bit of a piggy and has put on a bit of weight since she came to us.  Her foster family thought that she had lived outdoors and now after 7 weeks we'd certainly agree with that, no food can be left out at night otherwise she's had it and hidden it away for later!

She absolutely loves toys, her favourite being a large Halloween spider which she'll bat across the floor and pounce on, I don't think spiders will stand a chance against this one!! 

T and Twiggy had a bit of a rocky start with Twiggy avoiding him for the first few weeks. She's now realised that his loudness does not mean he's going to hurt her and she loves playing with him, having cuddles and sharing his food!

Twiggy is a real lap cat, although she does have a tendency to dig her claws in a bit which results in her being turfed of mostly, hopefully this is something she'll stop soon.

We let Twiggy out last week for the first time, all week she's been in and out preferring to only stay outside when she has the security of the door being open or one of us with her.   She is getting a little more adventurous, making her way to behind the chicken coop.  She's never too far though and a quick whistle (yes, really!) or shake of her treats box has her running back. 

We've been so lucky that we have adopted Twiggy, she is making a perfect first pet for T and their affection for each other grows each day. 

I can't wait to see them grow together and watch the adventures they get up to. 

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  1. What a lovely looking cat. We've been considering on and off about getting a cat as a family pet. Part of me would love to but I'm also nervous about the extra work involved and cat hair being all over the house.


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