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|FAMILY|my ten mummy commandments

I was reminded this week of an early post I wrote when T was just over a year old called '5 things you take for granted before having children' and decided that a list of 10 Mummy commandments was needed now!

1. Thou shalt always be on a mission to drink hot tea
2. Thou shalt not pee alone
3. Thou shalt share your food with your offspring
4. Thou shalt go to work with clothes covered in snot/poo/vomit
5. Thou shalt not ever sleep soundly again
6. Thou shalt never carry a small handbag
7. Thou shalt wonder what you used to do with your 'spare' time
8. Thou shalt never cuddle another's baby in front of own offspring
9. Thou shalt *love* early mornings
10. Thou shalt adore your offspring with all your heart

What would you add? Lx 

Can probably be exchanged for Daddy commandments too! Although maybe not the handbag ;)

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  1. Yep, I agree with them all. Sometimes I think it's all about your mindset. If you don't expect to have a hot cup of tea, and then you do, it's a bonus, so you appreciate that, rather than fretting about not having one. If you accept that you'll never pee alone again, and then suddenly get a solo loo trip, it's an amazing bonus!! #thelist

  2. This has made me smile! I went out a few months ago for a meal with one of my friends who has no children...she had the tiniest bag and she was laughing at my giant handbag!! I showed her the contents...nappies, raisins, wipes, all manner of things that I hadn't even bothered to take out for our night :) xx

  3. Thou shalt never be in a hurry...or if you are, don't let on. That's a sure fire way to hold up proceedings! Great post :) Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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