|#toddlerapprovedtuesday|week 43 - 18 August | LarabeeUK

|#toddlerapprovedtuesday|week 43 - 18 August

Hello again!  I hope that everyone is having a great summer holiday and I hope the weather where you are is a little better than where I am :)  I'm already in Autumn mode because the sunshine seems to have disappeared here!
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The #tatsummerfun activity and photo challenge started last week, look out for a round up post of my favourite's later, you can find more details here, but basically it's an Instgram photo-a-day challenge even if you're having time off blogging over the summer, you can still join in with that if you like!  And it's not restricted to just small people, we'd love to see some of your older children participating too!
Thanks so much to everyone who joined in again last week.

This week I've got a simple little sensory activity for you again, it's one we did when T was 18 months old and he loved it (I think he still would to be honest!)

Becky has this cute 5 little speckled frogs post for you this week.  I love those frogs, they are just so cute!

For my showcase this week:

This hello kitty birthday party printable from Keeping it real are fab!  I wouldn't be able to use them, but for anyone with little girls (or boys who like hello kitty!) they would be perfect (NOTE 16/12/15 this is no longer on the Keeping it real website).

I thought that this puzzle treasure hunt activity from Mummy on a budget gives a fantastic new spin on an old toy, it's such a great game to extend something you already have laying around the house.

Here are the rules:-

1. Link as many posts as you like (well with in reason!) BUT please remember to paste the #ToddlerApprovedTuesday badge on each post you would like to link up. No badge, no comment, no share, and your posts will be deleted sorry if this seems harsh but it's just not fair on others who do make the effort. We've yet to delete a post but you may have noticed that we have started to not comment if We see no badge!

2. Pop by and comment on two or three other posts, more would be great if you can.

3. OPTIONAL: Share your post and the linky party (using the hashtag #ToddlerApprovedTuesday) on your social media, Becky and I will retweet all your posts via Twitter (make sure you mention us in your tweets @3princess_1dude/@larabeeuk). Even if you don't have a blog, please do join in by using the hashtag for your toddler approved tweets and Instagram posts, they will still be counted for the showcase! We have changed the way we share your posts, it takes so much time to pin and tweet and comment etc, so heres what is going to happen: We are opening up the Toddler Approved Tuesday Pinterest board to you guys too. Just send myself or Becky an email with your Pinterest name and we will add you, there is no limit on how many you add, it doesn't just have to be the post you link up with.

4. We will now only be retweeting posts Tweeted to us, and our showcased posts will also be retweeting too. We also have a fab new Facebook group for the Toddler Approved Tuesday community. Pop over and join us, share your posts, share any photos from inspiration you have had from a Toddler Approved Tuesday link up, share anything you like ;)

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