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|FAMILY|get that hotel feeling at home

I love the feeling of staying in a hotel and it seems to be rubbing off onto T too, he keeps asking when our next hotel break is!!! 

Look out for a Travelodge review coming very soon!

For now here are our suggestions for having a hotel break at home!

1. Clear the clutter
2. Have clean sheets and make your bed 
3. All snuggle up to watch TV in bed with snacks
4. Keep water by your bed
5. Have a shower or bath in the afternoon
6. Keep to just your essentials
7. Make sure your bathroom/ensuite is clean and clear of clutter
8. Sleep in!
9. Switch off the phone and don't answer the door!
10. Lay on your bed and read.
11. Install a mini-bar, yes really, if only temporary with a bottle of wine in an icebucket! 
12. Have breakfast in bed
13. Add a mattress topper to your bed for extra indulgence
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  1. I love this list! It would take a fair bit of decluttering to get my bedroom up to hotel standards though, haha! x


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