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|PRODUCTIVITY|klout I love you but...

Well let's just say Klout and I haven't found much common ground at the moment, I use it because I understand it's important for your tots score and although I know that's not the be all or end all of blogging I would like to see myself at least in top 500 before the end of the summer.  So I persevere with it, but we've not quite hit it off yet!

I'm half expecting all of these things to be possible, but I'll be darned if I can find out!  It's not a huge list for this one as I quite honestly have NO idea what I'm doing!

1. Please let me k+ from the app (not just the desktop!).
2. Please let me follow people I regularly k+ so I don't have to search each time.
3. Please display all my Instagram photos, apparently you use them all in your algorithm's so kindly display them.
4. Please let me schedule k+'s
5. Please suggest things in my feed that I'm interested in.
6. Please make it easier to find things I'm interested in.
7. Please tell me why my score is going down, despite increased activity!

Please do leave me a comment if you know how to do any of the above, I'd love to be proved wrong and be able to use it!

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  1. Ive never actually used Klout before, Ive always meant to get around to it but never have. Bad blogger!! lol. #WeekendBlogHop

  2. Hee hee! I agree, why can't they add the people you normally klout to a followers list, I hate searching all the time! Would be great to click on the person who gave you Klout and go straight to their profile to klout back. Anyway, I put up a post about how to increase your Klout, if that helps?! :) x

  3. I think Klout is generally quite clunky and not user friendly - but that's because it wasn't really set up for bloggers to try and improve their Tots rankings, but that's what we're all using it for. It's a useful indicator of your overall influence across the internet, which is more about interaction than activity in general. If you really want to improve your score, I would suggest picking one social network at a time to try and build up your interaction. And obviously, read the posts I wrote about Klout (plugplug)
    You're right though - the app is completely worthless as far as I can see and it's a pain in the arse to try and find people to give +K! Do blog about it if Klout ever answers you!
    Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop!

  4. ha ha - I am just getting to understand Klout and its not great - why do they not link to pinterest?!! And I think having a list of people you follow and K+++ would be great! Thank you xx #Thelist

  5. Yes you are right. It is difficult to understand. The best is to link all your social media with them so then they can see your influence over the internet. xx #TheList

    A Moment With Franca

  6. Echoing what Vicky says, Klout is about interaction rather than activity - reach can be an effective way of improving your score. I think it's one of those things it's difficult to 'try' to improve, as daft as that may sound - you kind of have to just do what you do - and make sure all your accounts are linked up on it correctly. Good luck! xxx #TheList


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