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|FAMILY|Our ideas for improving family time

Back in May we were fortunate enough to visit Bluestone Wales for our first family holiday.  We had such a wonderful break, and it came at such a great time for us.  I'll be publishing our review next weekend.  We took so much away from our trip, it really made us stop and think and we were so much more relaxed being there.  T was mid throwing tantrums at the time and the hubs was just about to return to work after his mini stroke so it was a challenging time for us.

We learned a lot and have applied some of those things to our life back home, now we've been back a few weeks I thought it would be a good time to document those which are sticking with us.

So what do are we doing to re-create that relaxed 'holiday' feeling?  Mostly trying to be more organised and chilling out!!!

Here's the list!

Things we need to keep doing.
1. Keep tidy and put things away.
2. All eat at dinner table.
3. Be more tolerant of T's tantrums.
4. Wipe down and clean up after every meal. 
5. Savour the little things, eg watching the bats, playing at the park, eating freshly baked bread for breakfast.
6. Go for a walk after dinner.
7. Not automatically switching the TV on.
8. Don't automatically say no to T (so what if he wants to wear his swimming shorts out?)
9. Do bedtime routine together.
10. Get up early and savour that time.
11. Drink lots of water. 
12. Take time to play. 
13. Relax together...
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  1. Enjoying the little things is so easy to forget to do, guilty on that one. Good luck with achieving the goal x

  2. Love your ideas. We've been doing the walk after tea for a few weeks now - its so much easier (do I mean enjoyable?) in the summer. Hope you achieve the others

  3. Great list, we are guilty of automatically saying no to monkey a lot - I find that if I give him a bit more 'yes' generally the tantrums don't come as much when I do have to say no. #thelist xx


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