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So sorry this is late this week, I promise it won't be like this every week!  So how did you like our first week of #tatsummerfun ?  We had some fab pictures and I'm really enjoying seeing how you interpret each prompt!

Here's this weeks prompts list although I'm sure you've already seen it and are joining in ;)

I wanted to do a quick round up of some of my favourite posts, here's last weeks prompts and the phots that go with each!  Check the hashtag to see all the posts.

20th - playdough
21st - cowboy
22nd - green
23rd - ice
24th - loo roll

Of course I couldn't not choose this fab photo from @Laurenandpoppy1 (Instagram)

This awesome homemade hobby horse from Monkey and mouse's @jennyseaves (Instagram)

I loved the green interpretation from @theweavingideas (Instagram)

You've gotta love a spot of ice painting, I loved this photo from @ladybirdadventures (instagram)

We didn't have many loo roll photos which I was really surprised about but these binoculars from @jennyseave were very cute!

I tried to join in although I was away so one of our activities was at the weekend, here's a little collage of my entries.

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  1. Aww, great photos! Thanks for featuring our horse and binoculars. Sorry I missed a couple last week, no stencils and then I didn't have time on Friday for our cereal box craft. Love all the great ideas! :) x


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