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|CREATE|a real treasure map!

This week it's our turn to share a project with the kids make and bake club.

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T has been making a 'real' treasure map this week.

Look out for more pirate and mermaid activities from us all month.  For more ideas you can also follow our pirate and mermaid pinterest board here

Trash 2 Treasure


  1. I love this, something I remember doing at school when I was young but had completely forgotten about. I am collecting ideas for a pirate themed Activity hour here and am definitely adding these to the growing list. Did you bake them at all or just put the tea and coffee on them? the make and bake bit confused me as I didn't see them going into the oven. Gorgeous video what a little camera star you have there! I'm subscribed. Thank you for sharing on #Trash2Treasure

    1. Thanks Fiona. I'm loving #trash2treasure! I didn't bake them. The Kids Make and Bake club is a youtube channel where our children do either the making or the baking. This one was just a make ;) last week there were some delicious cookies! Thanks so much for subscribing xx

  2. Love this - what a great idea for #trash2treasure. We'll be trying it out!

  3. Adding to our play planner :) Great video thanks for sharing :)


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