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|wotw|{blogger} buddies

This week has marked a big milestone in my 'blogging career', I got to meet 2 of my blogger buddies!!!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting Mary from over40andamumtoone Mary's was one of the first blogs I followed from the UK and she never fails to inspire me. I felt so motivated and energised about my blogging after our lunch.  It was wonderful to meet her at last, I hope I didn't go on or bore you too much!

Yesterday T and I met my partner in crime on many things, Becky from 3princessesand1dude . We had a fantastic day with our children (except ellie who sadly was as school) I was left exhausted, a little sad that we live so far apart but really excited, probably more excited than I seemed cause I didn't want to look a pleb! Ha ha. Becky and I talk on a daily basis but it was so nice to see her and her adorable 'monsters'

Oh and it's made me very sad that I'm not going to Britmums next week but I'll be there next year and also want to get in a couple of smaller blogger events!
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  1. Oh bless you! It was so lovely to finally meet you, could have chatted for hours. Will have to do it again and bring our boys along too and yes, I expect to see you at BM next year xx

  2. Awww lovely experience! I have met few of the bloggers that I love reading and its amazing so I know how you feel! #wotw

  3. Great word and way to spend your week! Both lovely ladies that I've had the pleasure of meeting myself, glad you had fun x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Sounds great. :-) My girls would love to make these. Thanx for sharing. #WotW

  5. Aw what a shame you won't be a Britmums. It's always lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers. I can recommend going to Blog On next year. It's smaller and will get you used to the hustle and bustle of an event xxx


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