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|PRODUCTIVITY|facebook I love you but...

As I'm putting pen to paper for this series of posts, I'm realising that these enhancements are only really applicable to me as a blogger not me as a 'regular' user, but never-the-less I may be able to find hacks or be told I can do what I'm trying to by getting them out there!  

Some of these Facebook developments may already be there or be possible but Facebook is certainly not one of my strengths and so if you know any of these can be done, PLEASE do correct me, I'd love it if I could do just one of these things!

1. Please allow me to see all of the posts from people I like (and vice versa). Now I get that you are basically marketing on  Facebook when you have a page, but personally I think there are better ways or to pay a small subscription per year (£20) to reach all your likers. Any additional reach, I agree, should be paid for. 

2. Please let me schedule posts from the app. 

3. Please enable me to switch from my page to my personal account when I post a comment from the app.

4. Please let me write a review as my page and add a url to a Facebook review. 

5. Please allow me to switch off comments to a thread that I've commented on, unless someone has directly replied to a comment I made. 

6. Please let me create different viewing 'streams' eg blogging, personal, groups I run that way I can focus more. 

7. Please don't notify me there's a 'new post' when I've just shared something. 

8. Please let me join groups as my page not my personal account. 

9. Please explain to me why sometimes I can tag someone else's page just by writing the page name, sometimes I have to add @ and sometimes I can't tag people at all. 

10. Please let me choose whether to share from my personal or page when sharing instagram or Twitter accounts.

11. Please allow me to schedule posts to my own groups. 

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  1. I think many people have these wishes. I'd like to join groups as my page and find my tags everytime! And the Facebook apps ... I can't understand why they're not fully linked!

    Thanks for verbalising Facebook wishes many of us have :-). #TheList

  2. oh my goodness that whole thing about tagging other pages - does it need a capital, an @ - what do you want from me?!? It's so weird! I'm pretty sure you can schedule from the app (I know I do all the time from pages), but perhaps we're talking about different apps?! xx Fab post! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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