|#thelist|weekly round-up 27 April - 3 May | LarabeeUK

|#thelist|weekly round-up 27 April - 3 May

Ummmm had a funny old week last week (20 - 26 April) lost my doing mojo for a bit, I was so knackered with work and The Hubs being ill etc, just felt it all on top of me and the poor old blog suffered!  Anyway, after a few days by the seaside, reading all the fab posts about BlogCamp and some blogging decisions made I'm feeling positive this week.

- 1 new review opportunities sealed this week
- My favourite post this week is my 10 fun things to do on the beach, it reminds me how simple play can be when you are 3!
- 1 review post this week, a book by Dr Amanda Gummer called 'Play' I'm not really one for parenting books as I'd rather take advice direct from parents but I really enjoyed this.
- After #toddlerapprovedtuesday my most popular post this week was 10 fun things to do in the beach
- 8 posts published so far this week (including this one)
- Finally started using Klout!
- Facebook is doing much better, it's got a reprieve until August.
- I've only gone and bought the domain www.larabeeuk.co.uk eeek! 
- Lots of blogging decisions need to be made, see full story in this post.

- Jealous I didn't go to BlogCamp ;)

- I guest posted over at www.craftymummy.com this week, you can see the play dough birthday cakes we made here.
- I was featured as a top 5 craft mummy by the fab Ray at lukeosaurusandme, so kind x 
- my favourite vlog this week was this superdrug haul vlog by my blogging bestie Becky at 3princessesand1dude I loved the kids 'video bombing'! 
- the best blog post I read this week was this Klout post by singlemotherahoy.co.uk

- lovely few days in Eastbourne, just what we all needed.
- The Hubs went back to work, is doing great
- T has had 2 great nights sleeping.
- T has surprised us this week by drawing shapes on the chalkboard!  This is a lellow square mummy (well it was more of a rhombus but I felt back correcting him!)
- had sister, bil & nephew round for roast dinner on Saturday which was lovely.
- off for lunch at friends today (Sunday)
- T was a bit of a rat whilst we were away, tantrums and showing off for Grandma, he's been fine since we got home though.

- The Hubs and I gave the house a good clean and tidy Saturday so it's all nice for the week.
- The Hubs is away this week so I'm hoping to get back in the swing of cooking healthy meals.
- Considering colour scheme for the living room which needs decorating.

- Need to get out in the garden but every time we are ready, it rains!
- Need to get The Hubs working on that snag list of little things that need doing round the house.
Feeling motivated and re-energised!

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  1. I'm going to Blog on win in October I signed up yesterday - come and join me there :)

    1. Is that the one at Whittlebury Hall Laura? If so that's literally minutes from where I live and I do plan to go, I really must book my ticket! xx

  2. I am going to Blog On Win too, 30 minutes from home, winner winner :) Great list huni, you sound so busy! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    1. Oh I didn't realise we were so close Aby, I really hope I get to go!

      Would be great to see you there x


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