|ACHIEVE|weekly focus 25 - 31 May | LarabeeUK

|ACHIEVE|weekly focus 25 - 31 May

Yay! I'm posting this on the right day!  ;) I hope everyone had a super productive week!  We had a lovely relaxing one making memories in Wales.

Onto this weeks weekly focus

Join in 2 new linky's (apart from this one) - yes actually 3! #pocolo #sofolo & #brilliantblogposts are the ones I've chosen and will be using
Post in Facebook groups - yes have now been using the #pocolo one, linky one and joining in with social media follows on ones I already use.
Use Klout more - c/f
Respond to comments within 48 hours - this is my nemesis! c/f

- New for this week -
Keep monthly page views above 8k
Work on more worthwhile content
Drink water - ummmm no c/f
Use commute more effectively - no! I had 4 hours each way to wales and didn't do anything!  Back to work this week so c/f this one.
Be more patient with T during tantrums - we only had one this week, we have been trying distraction techniques and actually talking to him to avoid them, so far so good!

- New for this week -
Take packed lunches to work
No alchohol
Lose at least 2 lbs

Back now so better add some! 

- New for this week - 
Keep the house tidy!
3 x 30min purges
Help T make his bed everyday like he did in Wales
Leave T's clothes out so he can get ready before going downstairs in the morning.

Back to work, better add some.
- New for this week -
Make sure I only work contractual hours.
Single Mother Ahoy Goals for Greatness


  1. Love a focus like this Leandra. I especially like the idea of bringing in a linky at a time I'm a bit lost with mine! X

  2. I like your goal of only working "contractual hours." Have a great week!

  3. Packed lunches are such a great thing for both the waistline and the pocketbook! ;)


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